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Underground Art Market Share 

The contemporary art market is a vast and ever-changing landscape, but it is estimated that the combined artistic genres of graffiti art, prison art, street art, comic strips, graphic novels, digital art, and NFTs account for approximately 10% of the market.

  • Graffiti art is a form of street art that involves the unauthorized application of images, text, or other markings to public surfaces. It is often associated with urban youth culture and has been used as a form of social commentary and protest. 
  • Prison art is a form of art created by incarcerated individuals. It can be used as a form of self-expression, therapy, or to document the experiences of incarceration. 
  • Street art is a form of public art that is created in outdoor spaces, such as streets, sidewalks, and buildings. It can be used to make a statement about social or political issues, to beautify the environment, or simply to entertain passersby. 
  • Comic strips are a form of sequential art that tells a story in a series of panels. They are often published in newspapers or magazines, but they can also be found online or in book form. 
  • Graphic novels are a type of comic book that tells a longer, more complex story. They are often more serious in tone than comic strips and can deal with a wider range of topics. 
  • Digital art is a form of art that is created using digital tools, such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. It can be used to create a wide variety of artworks, including paintings, sculptures, animations, and films. 
  • NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are a type of digital asset that is unique and cannot be replaced. They are often used to represent digital artworks, such as paintings, photographs, and music.

These genres of art are all becoming increasingly popular and are being recognized as legitimate forms of art. As their popularity continues to grow, it is likely that their share of the contemporary art market will continue to increase.

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