5 Up-and-Coming Generative Artists to Keep Your Eye On

In the midst of an ongoing NFT bear market, generative art has proven to be a stronghold defying all odds. From Bright Moments’ weekly community get-togethers at their Seaport gallery in New York to Art Blocks‘ upcoming Marfa retreat, to the launch of new generative platforms like Prohibition, generative art communities and their projects are thriving.

We previously wrote about what generative art is. But long story short, generative art is any type of art that is made in part using an autonomous system via algorithms. And there are loads of prominent examples, both from established artists and emerging creators that are starting to make waves.

Here are a few up-and-coming generative artists we think you should keep your eye on.

Jimena Buena Vida

Jimena Buena Vida is a Colombian-born artist who merges art, emotions, and technology. Raised in Bogotá, she is currently based in the United States. Her art is a blend of mixed media techniques in which she blends digital and analog approaches. Behind the abstract shapes and vibrant hues lies an invitation to self-discovery.

Buena Vida is passionate about transformation through vulnerability and self-awareness. Her art has a growing community of over 900 collectors, and several sold-out collections on Ethereum and Tezos. She was the Bright Moments’ artist-in-residence in July 2023. Excerpts of her art below:


Mut is an Eastern European landscape artist, photographer, and music video creator who just released “Stride” on Alba. Stride is a generative art creation that explores the creative potential of p5.js and chroma.js libraries.

The artwork represents a “visual journey, where nearly everything, except for the far sky and the sun, is crafted within a single continuous take,” according to the description on Alba. On his fxhash profile, he describes himself as a “scientific-artistic research soul.”


Kira0 is a Germany-based artist whose recent drop, “Remnants of Humanity,” tells the story of an abandoned and wounded Earth. In this dystopian future, humans have abandoned Earth to make a home in space after depleting the planet of all her resources.

The art tells a sorrowful tale, along with a warning: “We thought our technology was good enough to recreate the home world we gave up, but the artificiality of our man-made ecosystem always seems to shine through.”

Aleksandra Jovanić

Aleksandra Jovanić is a Serbian artist, programmer, and assistant professor at the New Media Department at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade. She has been in the generative art space since 2021, and a lot of her recent work focuses on the aesthetic of data visualization and optical illusions, as well as explorations of accepted concepts of truth and reality.

Her art sits at the intersection of mathematics, generative code, and geometric aesthetics. Her recent project “Billows” (on Alba) traces the connection between “latent states and billowing bodies; between the figures we see in clouds and pseudo-random configurations we recognize as clouds.”

3D Manatee

3D Manatee is a pseudonymous generative artist, creative coder, and graphic designer based in Denver, CO. Their most recent work, “Separation Anxiety,” is an abstract reflection of how things evolve over time: across decomposition and recomposition, we move through the world with a “beginning and an end, centered, inclined, declined and aligned.”

Their most recent work is still in progress, but sneak peaks are showing up on Twitter: rust-colored hues meet geometric shapes, and most are affectionately named something food-related.

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