In a groundbreaking revelation, Christie’s introduces to the world, Keith Haring: Pixel Pioneer. This online auction showcases five one-of-a-kind digital drawings conceptualized by Keith Haring on the Amiga computer during the artistic renaissance of the 1980s. Scheduled to be open for fervent bidders between September 12-20, the artworks will also be exhibited at Christie’s New York from September 14-19 and subsequently in Seoul, Korea from September 7-8.

Keith Haring remains emblematic of an entire generation of artists, remembered and revered for his unique ability to use art as a universal call. By amalgamating diverse cultures through his art during the 1980s, Haring secured a prominent position both in public art spaces and the elite gallery world. His artworks now promise to bridge the timeless physical art realm with the burgeoning world of Web3.

Mimicking the curiosity and adaptability of his dear friend, Andy Warhol, Haring displayed an early appreciation for the digital era. He even represented the first Apple Macintosh computer in his pieces. Staying true to his quintessential bold and pop-colored artistic flair, his Amiga drawings reveal his budding passion for the digital medium – a medium now ubiquitous in contemporary art and design.

The Keith Haring Foundation, dedicated to conserving his unparalleled art, has immortalized these five Amiga artworks by minting them on the Ethereum blockchain, a significant leap from their previous residence on floppy disks. These digital treasures are now available for enthusiasts to collect, showcase, or even reproduce in print.

Christie’s Vice President, Nicole Sales Giles, expresses her admiration for the collaboration, emphasizing Haring’s significant influence in making art accessible beyond conventional galleries. “Haring’s Amiga drawings,” Giles notes, “will be an invaluable asset to any elite contemporary art collection.”

Haring’s work embodied an era where art crept outside the traditional gallery walls and into the streets. I believe that as an early adopter of the digital age and as a strong proponent of bridging art and mass culture, Haring would have been at the forefront of the Web3 community.  With an aesthetic that translates naturally to the digital medium, Haring’s Amiga drawings will be coveted additions to all best-in-class contemporary art collections – Nicole Sales Giles

Highlighting the monumental significance of minting Keith Haring’s digital art from the Commodore Amiga computer as NFTs, Gil Vazquez, Executive Director of the Keith Haring Foundation, elucidates the significance of Haring as a trailblazer in the digital art landscape. The interplay of his distinct visual style and the digital platform emphasizes the profound influence and infinite potential of digital art.

The endeavor was made possible with the joint efforts of the Keith Haring Studio, Artestar – a global licensing agency, and the technical expertise of Digital Practice.

About Christie’s: Established in 1766, Christie’s has set the gold standard in the art and luxury domain. With its vast portfolio of services and global presence in 46 nations, it stands at the pinnacle of auctioning, having sold 8 of the 10 most pivotal single-owner collections. Christie’s, leading the way in digital evolution, recently unveiled a dedicated on-chain auction platform for distinguished NFT art. Committed to sustainability, diversity, and innovation, Christie’s remains an unwavering beacon in the world of art and luxury.

TLDR: Christie’s introduces an online auction titled Keith Haring: Pixel Pioneer, featuring five digital artworks by Keith Haring from the 1980s. These artworks, created on an Amiga computer, have been minted on the Ethereum blockchain by the Keith Haring Foundation and are available for collectors. Christie’s remains a pioneer in both traditional and digital art domains.

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