Cops investigate ‘death wall’ inside mushroom chef’s home

EXCLUSIVE: Mushroom deaths: Cops are investigating ‘death wall’ in the home of Erin Patterson – after a tradesman found strange graffiti

A wall graffitied with a series of messages about death in the former home of mushroom chef Erin Patterson is being investigated by police, Daily Mail Australia can reveal.  

A tradesman took a photo of the wall – desecrated by Ms Patterson’s children – while painting Erin’s Korumburra home following her split from husband Simon Patterson last year. 

The wall had been daubed with scrawled images of daggers and decapitated heads. 

It featured scribbles and dark quotes, including the words: ‘You are dead by the sword’. 

The tradie was being paid to remove the graffiti, prior to the property, being sold, when he snapped the image. 

A tradesman shows an image he snapped inside Erin Patterson's home. It contained disturbing images scrawled upon the wall of her dining room

Police have shown interest in what was scrawled upon Erin Patterson's (pictured) dining room wall

The house in Korumburra, where a tradie said he took a picture of a 'death wall' covered in macabre images

On Friday, the tradesman, who asked to remain anonymous, told Daily Mail Australia detectives had been keen to get their hands on the image in the days following their raid on Ms Patterson’s current home in Leongatha. 

Word of the strange graffiti, which had been scribbled by Erin’s children on a dining room wall, had quickly spread throughout the area – situated in Victoria’s east.   

‘The police were inquiring about it. They wanted to see it. They had heard about it,’ the tradesman said. 

The tradesman arranged to meet a detective to hand over the image, which he had already supplied to a news organisation. 

‘I said “yeah we can catch up and you can have a look at it”. That was about 3pm and I reckon by 4pm it went live,’ the tradie said.  

‘It appeared online within an hour after they rang me.’

Simon Patterson paid tribute to his parents during a memorial on Thursday

Gail Patters

Don Patterson

Erin Patterson is pictured outside her home and has denied any wrongdoing after the suspected poisonings

The tradie painted over the graffiti, which was to the left of the door seen above

The tradesman told Daily Mail Australia he was tasked with removing the imagery and words last year because the couple was preparing to sell the home, which fetched a price of $545,000 last August.

The images include pictures of grave stones and bizarre scribbles with themes of death and destruction drawn in black and red ink – the latter used to symbolise blood.

‘It was disturbing. We called it the death wall,’ the tradie said.

‘They were done by their (the Pattersons’) daughter. It is pretty disturbing for mum to let the kids draw on their dining room wall.’

The poster-sized drawings featured two tombstones. 

Another had the date ‘August 1, 2021’ with the words ‘you will die within a year’ written underneath.

The tradesman said it took six coats of paint to cover the scrawlings. Another person who saw the images described them as ‘satanic’.

Ian Wilkinson and Heather Wilkinson (both pictured) became severely ill after they ate wild mushrooms. Mrs Wilkinson died while her husband remains in a critical condition in hospital

Simon Patterson choked back tears at a memorial for his parents on Thursday

The revelations came a day after Simon Patterson made his first public appearance since the tragic deaths of his parents Don and Gail Patterson. 

Simon paid tribute to his parents before up to 450 mourners who gathered at the Korumburra Recreation Centre.

His estranged wife was nowhere to be seen among the sea of mourners who braved cold and wet conditions to attend.

He told the packed hall his father had been known for his fitness, even in his final years of life.

‘His good fitness at age 70 – this year – also enabled him to successfully survive an emergency liver transplant a few weeks ago,’ Simon said.

‘Although sadly the rest of his body was all too sick to go anywhere past that point.’

The private funeral for the Pattersons was held last week, while the funeral for Mrs Wilkinson is yet to happen. 


Saturday, July 29

Don and Gail Patterson and Heather and Ian Wilkinson (a pastor) gather at Erin Patterson’s home in Leongatha, north-east of Melbourne, for lunch and east her beef wellington

Erin’s two children go to the movies 

Sunday, July 30

Erin’s children eat leftover beef wellington but with the mushrooms scraped off.

All four lunch guests present to hospital feeling ill. It is initially thought they have gastro. 

As their condition deteriorates, they are transferred to hospitals in Melbourne. 

Erin also goes to hospital.

Monday, July 31

Erin is transferred to a hospital in Melbourne, where she is treated for poisoning

Friday, August 4

Gail and Heather die in hospital.

Police find Erin’s food dehydrator dumped at a tip 

Saturday, August 5

Don dies in hospital. Police search Erin Patterson’s home in Leongatha and seize a number of items.

Sunday, August 6

Police are seen returning to Erin’s home to question her. She is heard wailing loudly from inside the house before the four officers leave.

Monday, August 7 

Victoria Police Detective Inspector for the Homicide Squad, Dean Thomas, confirms Erin is being treated as a person of interest in the case.

However, he says the investigation is still in its early stages and it is yet to be determined if the deaths are suspicious. 

A short time later, Erin breaks her silence and speaks to reporters outside the home. She says she is devastated and ‘loves’ the four relatives who came to her home. She denies any wrongdoing but does not answer questions where the mushrooms came from, who picked them or what meal she made for her guests.

Tuesday, August 8

In a bizarre twist, Simon Patterson was revealed to have suffered from a mysterious Stomach illness in June, 2022. He fell into a coma and was in ICU for 21 days. His case is yet to be explained by doctors.

Forensic testing is underway to find any traces of death cap mushroom on the food dehydrator. Police believe it was used during preparation of the meal.

Wednesday, August 9

Daily Mail Australia reveals that Simon Patterson was expected to attend the lunch, but pulled out at the last minute 

Thursday, August 10

Erin Patterson tells reporters she is driving to Melbourne to see her lawyers. A representative from the legal firm later arrives at her house to hand deliver a letter, but she is not home.

Friday August 11: Erin Patterson provides a lengthy written statement to police

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