“Creon: Pioneering Real Business Profits with AI Tools through NFTs”


The marriage of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) has given birth to innovative avenues in the crypto and tech industry. Creon emerges at the forefront, proving how blending these technologies can create value-driven ecosystems for its community.

Revolutionary Concept of Creon Pass NFT:

Creon introduces a novel concept that’s taking the crypto space by storm – the Creon Pass NFT. It’s not just a digital collectible; it’s a passport to share in the profits generated by genuine business models built on AI tools. But how does it actually work?

Decoding the Process:

Imagine using an AI tool for which you’ve paid an access fee, say $30. Now, extrapolate that to 10,000 users accessing and paying for the same tool. The resulting $300,000 monthly profit, which previously went straight to corporate pockets, is now distributed to Creon Pass NFT holders. This redistribution of profits, enabled by blockchain, is the very essence of Creon’s unique model.

Democratizing AI Profits:

For the first time in the cryptocurrency landscape, thanks to the groundbreaking integration of NFT and blockchain technology, users are given a direct stake in the profits generated by AI tools. This initiative overturns the traditional profit models by putting the community first, allowing them to benefit from the collective use of AI applications.

Creon’s Edge in the Market:

While many projects speculate on future potential, Creon is rooted in the present, leveraging current AI tools’ potential. Their developers have meticulously engineered a system where blockchain technology meets real-world AI tool profits, an approach that is both innovative and sustainable.

Why Creon Stands Out:

Creon is not just about profits; it’s about reshaping the way we perceive business models in the crypto space. Their integration of NFTs and AI technology illustrates a future where communities are prioritized, profits are democratized, and everyone has an opportunity to benefit from global tech advancements.


Creon’s mission goes beyond technology and profits. It’s about creating a cohesive community that benefits directly from the innovations it supports. With the Creon Pass NFT, the company is not only elevating the potential of NFTs but also setting a new standard for community-centric business models.




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