EARD2023: Using NFTs to Support Video Gaming for Good

In this talk, Lifespan.io President Keith Comito describes use cases for “Proof of Philanthropy” (PoP) dynamic NFTs – a new type of NFT that powers up based on tracked on-chain giving. These NFTs, built on the Polygon network, exhibit “Demi-Soulbound” properties – meaning that while the NFTs themselves are tradable, the upgradeable parameters of the NFT are based on calculations that are soulbound.

Both of these concepts – Proof of Philanthropy and Demi-Soulbound NFTs – were initially put forth by Keith Comito and developed together with the support of Weavechain – after being initially described publicly by Keith Comito at Zuzalu 2023 in Montenegro. Prototypes of these NFTs based on the ancient life extension symbol of the Ouroboros – with art created by Colton Orr – were successfully demoed at the Longevity + DeSci Summit – Ending Age Related Disease 2023 – and available for free minting (aside from negligible gas) at https://pop.lifespan.io.

Building upon these concepts, Keith describes additional initiatives that can leverage these technologies, such as a narrative NFT series based on characters from history, mythology, and literature, which dynamically age in a manner that can be reversed with actions such as donating to aging research – called Lifespan Legends.

Keith then further describes a forthcoming regenerative funding model that can serve the entire field of longevity research at once – and that is being developed together with Public Goods-focused partners such as Angel Giving, Gitcoin, Endaoment, and VitaDAO – tentatively called “Ouroboros”.

Keith also publicly announces that Lifespan.io has partnered with the Web3 gaming company SkillCap Studio – known for developing the popular game The Beacon on the Arbitrum network, and part of the TreasureDAO ecosystem – to build a philanthropic game called Dragon Tyrant. This game will be based on Nick Bostrom’s “The Fable of the Dragon Tyrant” – a metaphor for fighting aging praise by blockchan technology pioneers such as Vitalik Buterin – and leverage Demi-Soulbound NFTs in unique ways. Dragon Tyrant will be a rogue-like game contest where players collaborate and compete to defeat the Dragon Tyrant, while contributing to an NFT-based ecosystem that raises funds for research aimed at defeating the Dragon Tyrant of aging in real life.

Lastly, Keith describes how games such as Dragon Tyrant can actually be used to structure first-in-kind decentralized clinical trials – by deploying non-invasive therapies for Alzheimer’s based on light and sound frequencies and cross-referencing this with longitudinal data such as decision-making speed.

If you wish to support this work and help these projects arrive faster, your Proof of Philanthropy NFT can be acquired and upgraded by donating to Lifespan.io at https://pop.lifespan.io.

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In this talk, Lifespan.io President Keith Comito describes use cases for “Proof of Philanthropy” (PoP) dynamic NFTs – a new…
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