League of Legends – Meet The Street Demons!

League of Legends Patch 13.18 goes live with the new Street Demons skinline featuring the newest champion Briar, the Unrestrained Hunger. Releasing alongside Street Demons Briar are Street Demons Brand, Street Demons Dr. Mundo, Street Demons Neeko, Street Demons Rengar, and Street Demons Zyra. Crystalis Motus Taliyah also makes her debut, being the second in this Mythic skinline. Read more about the League of Legends Update 13.18 Patch Notes here.

Crystalis Motus Taliyah

crystalis motus taliyah

“When Prismae Crystals began to appear, everyone on Motus reacted differently. Locked to their island, Taliyah’s people viewed them not as a threat, but as an extension of nature. Now in harmony with the crystals on their bodies, Taliyah’s people are stronger than ever. and she ventures to the mainland to put her powers to the test”

Crystalis Motus Taliyah arrives with a Reclaimed Chroma.

New Street Demons Skins

“In Styxbridge City, demons, creatures, and humans live side-by-side. Every year, a street art festival is held, culminating in a friendly competition to see who can make the biggest and boldest graffiti: TagFest!”

Street Demons Briar – 1350 RP

street demons briar

“Whether you see her violently in-your-face tags that inspire audiences to get WILD, or her more relaxed art rife with cheeky humor, Briar’s work makes an impression. As a jiangshi, she feeds off of the energy her art creates, so which style she uses really just depends on how hungry Briar is.”

Street Demons Neeko – 1350 RP

street demons neeko

“An up-and-coming young kappa new to the Styxbridge scene, Neeko is ready to make her magical mark on the walls of this city. Though she is a veritable creative chameleon, able to adopt any artistic style, her own signature work is known for its bright and bubbly attitude, bringing a smile to anyone who sees her tags.”

Street Demons Dr. Mundo – 1350 RP

street demons dr. mundo

“An abstract genius of the highest caliber with a doctorate in fine art, Mundo’s reckless and wild finger painting has earned him a lot of respect in the artistic community for its high-concept analysis of the monster/human condition. (Mundo isn’t sure what that means; he’s just happy that people like his work!)”

Street Demons Zyra – 1350 RP

street demons zyra

“Zyra is a devil whose work speaks for itself. Famous enough to be known by a single-name moniker, she has captivated the people of Styxbridge with her elegant style and effortless grace. In Zyra’s skilled hands, paint flowers across concrete and blooms in every alley, claiming each slice of the city as Zyra’s own.”

Street Demons Brand – 1350 RP

street demons brand

“A will-o’-wisp with bombastic style, Brand’s art is all about embracing your inner power and letting it it EXPLODE! (His work features lots of exclamation points.) He’s famous for using destruction as an unconventional tool to create beautiful images: acid washes, cracked concrete, and, of course, burning.”

Street Demons Rengar – 1350 RP

street demons rengar

“Rengar is a famous artist throughout the city, a master of hiding his work in plain sight, only to have it leap out at viewers when they least expect it. When TagFest rolls around, it’s common to see Rengar’s fans scouring the streets for his pieces, discovering art in surprising and unconventional places and proudly posting photos to social media.”

Street Demons skins for Briar, Neeko, Dr. Mundo, Zyra, Brand, Rengar, and Crystalis Motus Taliyah will be available on September 13, 2023 at 20:00 UTC. Read more about the League of Legends Update 13.18 Patch Notes here.

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