Vergence Scatter, Hammer Time, Bubblegum and More!

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Here are some observations;

1. I do not want the first appearance of Kadarius Toney.

2. Ahsoka’s last episode was much better. What I don’t understand is why they even need Thrawn.  You have 2 lightsaber wielding persons, one that can can beat Tano, a Nightsister and access to the remnants of the Empire working withing the new republic.  Thrawn better have a Chiss army or who cares.

3. I do not want the first appearance of Sky Moore.

4. Where is Bad Idea’s next one?

5. Graphic Novels are comics.

6. When all you have is a tight end you better be Tom Brady.

7. One Piece on Netflix was awesome.

8. Bee and Puppycat comics are worth digging for if you like making money on comics.

OK, on to the pics…

Star Wars Rebels 1 ( Yen Press )

First appearance of The World Beyond Worlds ( Vergence Scatter )

If you are watching Ahsoka then you probably know that the place she is in now isn’t the afterlife but a place known as the World Beyond Worlds. Sort of like Purgatory, it is a place that exists outside of time and space. The Scatter is a location created for Rebels and it is clear that if you haven’t watched the Rebels show it is probably a good idea to do so.

Hammer Magazine 1 & The Mummy ( Hammer Comics )

First appearance of Hammer comics and first standard Hammer comic

So it looks like we are going to be getting new Hammer movies in the future!  If you are wondering if there were ever comics, the answer is yes!  This 1970’s magazine publishes many comics and could become relevant down the line.  Titan also published some comic series with the first being The Mummy shown here.

Miracle Jump 2

First appearance of Tokyo Ghoul

Continuing my weekly spotlight on manga firsts your should own, here is the first for TG.

NOTE: Some sources have the first listed as Weekly Shonen Jump, September 22, 2011 but this issue predates it.


This section is reserved for all the other stuff I am looking for this week. True Firsts may or may not appear.

These three covers hit all my favorites; guns with bikinis, bubblegum and tasteful bondage.

Diamond Bookshelf 29

First appearance of Starfinder?

Who knows but it is the only comic I can find.

Vampirella Monthly 20 ( Standard )

So I read the new Top Ten and realized that the back cover to the standard issue 20 has the Timm art!

Mega Marvel Deadpool Cover

I am always looking for rare Deadpool stuff and this one is not easy to find.

See ya next week!


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