9 Best AI Art Generators: Free & Paid Tools for 2024

Published on Oct 25, 2023 07:06 PM IST

Earlier, creating art required years of practice, but with AI art generators getting developed week in and out, you can now effortlessly create digital artworks

9 Best AI Art Generator Tools for 2024
9 Best AI Art Generator Tools for 2024

ByHT Brand Studio

AI art generators are one of many areas where Artificial Intelligence has steadily advanced in recent years and is continuing to drive interest among users. It’s never been easier to create your own art.

Previously, creating masterpieces required years of practice, but with AI art generators getting developed week in and out, you can now effortlessly create digital artworks or paintings. But with so many options available, choosing the best AI art generator tool can sometimes be difficult. And we’re here to help you with that!

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In this article, we’ll compare some of the top-tested AI art generators and evaluate their features, versatility, and cost. But before we dive deeper, let’s first explore what exactly an AI art generator is.

What is an AI Art Generator?

AI art generators are software programs that produce art using artificial intelligence. They come in two main types: text-to-image generators, which create art from textual descriptions such as nsfwartgenerator.ai, and image-to-image generators, which modify existing images to create unique art pieces.

These programs work by taking simple text descriptions (AKA prompts) and linking them together to define the final artistic output.

The magic behind AI art generators lies in their use of neural networks and deep learning techniques. These technologies allow them to analyze patterns found in various art styles and compositions. They then use these patterns to generate unique pieces of art and match those artistic styles.

They are a great tool for simplifying your art creation process. AI art generators are particularly valuable for businesses, as they help cut down on expenses related to creating content such as flyers, logos, 3D renders, etc.

9 Best AI Art Generators to Try Right Now

Turn your imagination into stunning visual reality with these 9 exceptional AI Art Generators we’ve tried and tested:

1. Adobe Firefly AI

Adobe Firefly is a collection of multiple AI models where you can create images and various assets by simply describing what you want through text. When you put your words or descriptions, Adobe Firefly can generate images accordingly for you. Adobe itself claims Firefly to be an AI-based solution to the challenges faced by designers and creative professionals.

However, Firefly isn’t Adobe’s first venture into AI. If you’ve been a long-time user of Adobe software, you’ve probably heard about Sensei, Adobe’s AI model that has been seamlessly integrated into applications such as Photoshop. Sensei is engineered to boost productivity and handle complex or repetitive tasks when you’re creating digital art, video editing, or photo editing. Firefly is also built on this Sensei technology.

What sets Adobe Firefly apart is its superior collaborative features. In the past, Photoshop allowed only one person to work on an image or document at a time. With Firefly’s integration into Photoshop, multiple artists can collaborate on the same image simultaneously. This means you can make real-time edits, provide feedback, and share your creative ideas all at once.

Adobe Firefly Features:

  • 3D to Image Generation: You can create images from the interactive positioning of 3D elements.
  • Project Stardust:This feature allows you to move any object anywhere within an image​​.
  • Generative Match:Firefly’s Generative AI produces images that match text prompts and reference images, helping you create new images that retain the style of the provided references​​.
  • Text-to-Image Functionality: You can generate visual assets by typing in descriptive text, which the system then translates into images​​.
  • Improved Imaging Model (in beta):The Firefly Image 2 Model, available in the Firefly web app, is an enhanced imaging model that delivers higher-quality and faster outputs with better model architecture and training algorithm improvements

Adobe Firefly Price:

Adobe Firefly operates on a credit-based system, where you are allocated credits that are consumed when generating images. A free account receives 25 generative credits monthly, while a $4.99/month subscription provides 100 credits, Adobe Stock access, and removes watermarks from Firefly-generated images​​.

2. DALL-E 2 AI

Since its launch in April 2022, DALL-E 2 has redefined the standard for AI image generators when it comes to image quality. It emerged as one of the pioneering tools in the market for creating images from text prompts, gaining attention for its ability to transform text into incredibly lifelike images.

What sets DALL-E 2 truly apart is its breakthrough in comprehending text descriptions, which helps in generating images that are significantly more realistic than its predecessor, DALL-E 1.

Even though its image editing capabilities are pretty basic, they’re surprisingly effective in tweaking various aspects of an image. DALL-E 2 stands out as one of the few AI art generators with this capability. Its exceptional natural language understanding provides better control over subjects, locations, backgrounds, angles, styles, and other ideas.

To use DALL-E 2, simply visit OpenAI’s website and use the web-based tool. Even if you have no prior experience with AI programs, its user-friendly interface simplifies the process of entering your text prompt and getting the images you desire.

Dall-E 2 Features:

  • Enhanced Visual Realism:In comparison to its predecessor, DALL-E 2 improves the quality of generated images with better resolution.
  • Inpainting: This feature allows you to accurately edit and retouch existing images based on natural language descriptions. It can add or remove elements from images, all while considering crucial factors such as shadows, reflections, and textures to maintain a realistic touch.
  • Variations:With DALL-E 2, you can request the generation of the same image in different artistic styles based on textual input. It also allows you to start with an existing image as a reference and produce a series of variations with different angles and styles.
  • Conceptual Fusion and Precise Control:Dall-E 2 can blend multiple concepts, attributes, and styles within a single image. It allows you to have precise control over various image elements like colors, shapes, and textures.
  • Outpainting: This feature extends the creative canvas beyond the given text prompt, allowing you to generate larger images or compositions that go beyond the initial boundaries​​.

Dall-E 2 Price:

The cost of using the Dall-E 2 Art Generator varies based on the resolution of the images and the number of images or prompts generated. You can use Dall-E with free credits that refill every month, and if more credits are needed, they can be purchased. The pricing for the Dall-E 2 API is $0.02 per image for 1024×1024 resolution, $0.018 per image for 512×512 resolution, and $0.016 per image for 256×256 resolution​​.

3. Stable Diffusion AI

Stable Diffusion is a fascinating AI Art tool that was introduced in August 2022 by Stability AI and various other non-profit and academic researchers.

While there have been some debates about its sources of inspiration, it has still proven to be a fantastic resource for creatingAI nude generators for role-playing games, AI wall art for those who can’t afford to hire artists, and other inspiring art ideas for writers and different creative projects.

Unlike other AI image generator tools that turn text into images, Stable Diffusion doesn’t require a constant internet connection; you can run it on your own computer. Additionally, there are also cloud services available that allow you to use Stable Diffusion without having to install it yourself, although they may not be directly affiliated with the developers.

Another option you have is to use Stable Diffusion online by using platforms like StableDiffusionWeb. There are many such online websites but running Stable Diffusion on your own computer offers a bigger advantage.

Unlike those online platforms, you can skip any waiting queues which allows you to use it as often as you’d like, with the only question being how quickly your computer can generate those images.

Stable Diffusion Features:

  • Generating Realistic Images:Stable Diffusion can create images that look just like real photos. It uses its Realistic Vision v2.0 model to achieve this.
  • Creating Different Art Styles:Stable Diffusion v1.5, the official base model, is great at rendering various styles of art, making it adaptable for different artistic needs.
  • Making Anime-Style Art: If you’re into anime-style art, Stable Diffusion can do that too with its Anything v5.0 model.
  • Advanced Neural Network Technology: It uses advanced AI and neural networks to make detailed and stunning art.
  • Diffusion Process:Stable Diffusion’s Image Generator works by slowly changing a starting image through a complex neural network. This gradually reveals the cool patterns and textures in the final artwork.
  • Consumer GPU Compatibility:You don’t need a super powerful computer to use Stable Diffusion. It runs on regular consumer GPUs so more people can use it, not just those with high-end computing resources.

Stable Diffusion Pricing:

The average price ranges between $5 and $15 a month, with different subscription plans available. The basic plan costs $9 per month, while higher-tier plans are priced at $49 per month or more. Users can also opt for a credit system to generate images, with pricing starting at $0.02 per image. Some platforms offer a limited number of image generations for free initially.

4. Midjourney AI

Established by an American innovator named David Holz in July 2022, Midjourney has quickly made a significant impact on the world of AI art. It has emerged as a prominent player in this ever-growing field of text-to-image AI art. At present, Midjourney’s Discord community boasts more than 14 million members.

Differing from traditional methods of generating images, Midjourney has a deep understanding of structures, textures, and other kinds of patterns found in millions of images it was trained on. This knowledge allows it to create unique AI images by blending elements from those sources.

Access to Midjourney is currently limited to its official Discord server, where you can interact with the bot through direct messaging or by inviting it to a third-party server.

The process is pretty straightforward – you describe the image you have in mind, and the Midjourney bot sets out to find images resembling your description. It then artistically combines these elements to present you with four different options within minutes. You can then enhance or modify these selections until they align perfectly with your vision.

Midjourney Features:

  • Auto-Generation: Midjourney can automatically create art pieces based on user-set parameters, allowing you to effortlessly create unique artworks​​.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Its user-friendly interface allows you to easily set up art creation parameters and customization of art pieces​​.
  • Customization Options: You can alter parameters, change color palettes, and add extra elements to personalize your art pieces​​.
  • Multiple Art Styles: Midjourney supports various art styles ranging from abstract to realism, which gives you a broad creative spectrum to work on​.
  • Stylize Command (in version 5.2):This enhanced feature in version 5.2 transforms images from surreal to ultra-realistic based on the level of stylization, allowing for a wide range of artistic expressions​.

Midjourney Price:

The Midjourney Art Generator offers several subscription plans. The Basic plan costs $10 per month, the Standard plan is priced at $30 per month, and the Pro plan costs $60 per month. There’s also a Turbo plan for power users and large-scale projects, priced at $120 per month or $96 per month with an annual subscription.

5. Craiyon AI

Crayon AI was among the first AI art models ever created, and it inspired many other AI art generators. It was made by a developer named Boris Dayma and started as a free AI art generator to turn text into images. Initially called DALL-E mini, Craiyon AI had to change its name because OpenAI thought the old name was too similar to their own DALL-E image generator.

Over the years, Crayon improved not only from the work of its own team but also with contributions from the open-source community. In addition to making new AI pictures, Crayon has a library of existing AI images that you can use for your needs.

Crayon AI offers four options for generating images – Drawing, Art, Photo, and None. While having multiple models is good, its results might not be as amazing as some other AI art generators on our list. It was trained using the Google PU Research Cloud, so all you need to do is provide a prompt, and Crayon AI will create nine images for you in about a minute.

Craiyon AI Features:

  • Flexibility:With Craiyon, you have the freedom to create a wide range of images, from basic sketches to intricate masterpieces, giving you plenty of room for creative expression.
  • Diverse Artistic Styles:Craiyon offers the ability to produce images in various styles, including cartoons, lifelike photographs, and abstract art, providing a wide spectrum of artistic tastes.
  • Improved Image Quality:Use the “Enhance” feature to generate images with higher resolutions, ensuring that you receive detailed and top-notch image results.
  • Intuitive User Interface:Craiyon’s user-friendly design makes generating images a breeze, providing you with a straightforward and easy-to-navigate interface for effortless image creation.
  • Community Engagement:Craiyon has a vibrant Discord community where you can share your generated images and connect with fellow users who share your passion for art.

Craiyon AI Price:

Craiyon AI offers a free version ​but besides the free version, there are also paid plans. A “Supporter Plan” priced at $5 per month (billed yearly) is available, offering additional features​. Moreover, a higher tier priced at $20 per month is also available, which gives you faster image generation and access to upcoming features​​.

6. Bing Image Creator AI

Microsoft is using OpenAI’s GPT-4 for its Bing Chat platform, which happens to be the most powerful language model available today. And now, they’re also making use of OpenAI’s Dall-E 2 for their Image Creator tool.

However, Bing Image Creator and Dall-E 2 are different tools with different capabilities. Both Bing and Dall-E 2 can produce images in various artistic styles like cartoons, paintings, etc, but where Bing Image Creator truly shines is in its capacity to generate highly realistic images. If you’re looking to create an image that closely resembles a real photograph, Bing is the way to go.

Even though Bing Image Creator is built on OpenAI’s Dall-E technology, it uses a more advanced version of the model found in Dall-E 2. This explains why the images created by Bing Image Creator are exceptionally realistic when compared to the ones produced by Dall-E 2.

Bing Image Creator is also known for its exceptional accessibility. Unlike other AI-powered tools that often require costly subscriptions or separate apps (or websites), Bing Image Creator is accessible to anyone with a Microsoft account.

When interacting with the new Bing, you can simply ask the AI chatbot to create an image based on a description, and it will generate the image within the chat itself, eliminating the need to go to a separate website or download a different app.

Bing Image Creator Features:

  • Wide Range of Art Generation:With Bing Image Creator, you can generate different kinds of artwork including oil paintings, digital art, drawings, logos, pop art, and movie scenes​​.
  • Powered by Advanced AI: Bing Image Creator uses an advanced version of the DALL-E model from OpenAI for image generation​​.
  • High-Quality Image Generation:It is capable of creating very high-quality images based on the text descriptions you provide​​.
  • Customization Options: Bing Image Creator offers a variety of customization options and image styles for you to choose from​​.
  • Accessibility via Bing Chat:It can be accessed through the Bing Chat platform in the Microsoft Edge browser, allowing you to generate both written and visual content in one place​​.

Bing Image Creator Price:

You can use Bing Image Creator for free, but it has a feature called “boosts” to speed up image processing. At the start, you get 25 boosts every week for quick image generation. However, once you use them up, the image processing becomes much slower. However, you can earn more boosts via Microsoft Rewards by performing certain tasks on the New Bing browser.

7. Jasper Art AI

Many of you might already know about Jasper, the AI tool that’s become a trusted companion for bloggers, writers, and social media marketers, thanks to its writing assistance. Now, they’ve taken their innovative technology to the next level with the introduction of the Jasper Art Generator.

This new tool is tailored specifically for marketers and bloggers. So if you fall into either of those categories, you’ll appreciate how much time you can save by generating unique images instead of going through stock photos.

Initially, we were a bit hesitant and worried that the interface might be too complex to grasp quickly. To our pleasant surprise, using Jasper AI was quite simple. All you need to do is describe the image you have in mind, and in a matter of seconds, Jasper AI will generate multiple images for you. If you’re ever stuck or lacking inspiration, you can also take advantage of the provided options for style, mood, or keywords to incorporate into your artwork.

The secret to creating striking images with Jasper Art lies in the details. You’re limited to describing your desired image in 400 characters or less, so the more detail you provide in your description, the better your resulting image will be when using Jasper Art.

Jasper Art Features:

  • Style and Medium Customization:You can select from 13 distinct styles and 15 medium options like modern oil painting and charcoal to shape your artistic vision​​.
  • Instant Image Generation:With just a simple input of a keyword, Jasper Art allows you to rapidly create images. By offering nine keyword options, it increases the authenticity of your generated images​.
  • User Feedback Integration: Features such as the like and dislike buttons after each result help in refining the AI’s ability to generate personalized and improved outcomes based on your feedback​​.
  • Prompts and Inputs: You can find valuable support on Facebook through a dedicated group for Jasper users. By becoming a member of this group, you’ll discover numerous examples of artwork generated using Jasper, along with the instructions that were given to create each piece.
  • Download and Share Functionality:Beyond image generation, Jasper Art allows you to easily download and share your art creations in PNG format, allowing seamless integration into various contents​​.

Jasper Art Price:

The Jasper Art Generator is included in several pricing plans offered by Jasper. The “Creator Plan” will set you back $49 a month, but if you decide to pay yearly, it’s a bit cheaper at $39 a month. For teams, there’s the “Teams Plan” which is $125 a month, or a discounted $99 a month with yearly billing.

8. Getimg AI

Getimg AI
Getimg AI

Getimg offers more than just an image generator; it also provides a range of AI editing tools. Behind the scenes, Getimg operates on the Stable Diffusion technology to create AI art. This means that with Getimg.ai, you have the flexibility to create AI images in different styles by using a range of Stable Diffusion models.

As you may already know, you typically need to download a Stable Diffusion WebUI to use it on your local computer. This process can be more tedious than using a website. Getimg simplifies this setup and learning process, saving you time and effort.

With this tool, you can explore several creative possibilities, including the unique DreamBooth feature. Unlike many other AI image generation websites, Getimg’s DreamBooth allows you to train your own AI model.

The process is quite similar to Stable Diffusion’s WebUI, with options like providing text prompts, negative text prompts, image-to-image transformation, guidance scale, and the number of sampling steps. Impressively, the image generation only takes about 6-10 seconds, which is relatively fast considering the output resolution and overall image quality.

Getimg AI Features:

  • Image-to-Image Transformation:This tool allows you to create fresh images by building upon existing ones, which opens up exciting possibilities for developing your visual creations.
  • DreamBooth:With DreamBooth, you can create personalized AI models to take your image generation to a whole new level, tailoring it to your specific needs.
  • Photorealism:This feature allows you to produce images that look incredibly realistic, closing the gap between AI-generated and real-world visuals.
  • AI Editor:Getimg AI allows you to both create and customize your generated images, offering options like blending different artistic styles for a unique touch.
  • Accessible Suite of Image-Generation Tools:You’ll find a comprehensive set of image-generation tools right in your browser without any downloading required.

Getimg AI Price:

Getimg AI offers a free tier, which allows you to generate up to 100 images per month at no cost. If more images are needed, you can opt for one of the paid plans. The Basic Plan is priced at $12 per month, providing 3,000 images. The Starter Plan costs $29 per month with 12,000 images. For a higher image allowance, the Hobby Plan is available at $49 per month for 24,000 images, and the Pro Plan is offered at $99 per month for 60,000 images.

9. Starry AI

StarryAi’s primary aim has always been to simplify the process of creating AI images for artists. What sets StarryAi apart is that it gives you full ownership of the artwork you create, allowing you to use it for both personal and business use. Notably, it’s one of the very few AI art generators that allows you to turn your AI art into NFTs, and this itself is Starry AI’s unique selling point.

However, many users also appreciate StarryAi for its user-friendly and clean interface, finding it to be an enjoyable and creative tool. With over 1000 different art styles to choose from, StarryAi is quite versatile for experimenting with different ideas and techniques until you achieve your desired image.

Moreover, StarryAi is also one of the few AI art generators that offer a dedicated app for all three major platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows. So if you’re looking for an all-in-one AI art generator, StarryAi is worth considering. It performs well on both mobile and desktop, although the mobile version can be a bit slower.
Starry AI Features:

  • Mobile Accessibility:You can use it on both iOS and Android devices, making it perfect for creating art while you’re on the move.
  • Photorealistic Images:This tool lets you make incredibly realistic images, illustrations, AI avatars, and various types of artwork generated by AI.
  • AI Chat and Assistant: Starry AI features an AI called Argo, an AI companion who can help you with your art-making. Just give Argo your prompts, and it’ll assist you in the creative process.
  • Full Ownership:When you create something with this tool, it’s all yours. You can use your creations for any project you like or share them on your social media profiles.
  • Customizability:You have plenty of options to tailor your creations just the way you want them. Choose from various models, styles, aspect ratios, and seed images to make your art unique.

Starry AI Price:

The Starry AI Art Generator is available for free on both iOS and Android platforms. You can generate up to 20 AI images every day at no cost and without any watermarks, allowing full ownership of your creations​. However, you can also opt for the paid subscription, where you can generate unlimited AI images, along with exclusive benefits. Starry AI’s paid plans start at $7.99.

How do AI Art Generators Work?

To allow an AI program to learn and understand instructions, it needs a large data of images to gather information from. We’re talking millions or even billions of images.

The process of training these models involves extracting information like alt tags, captions, titles, and text descriptions from images available on the internet. These images generated by the AI don’t originate directly from the training data but instead, come from a latent space within the deep learning model.

These deep learning models see images differently from how we see images; they process images as large sets of pixel values for red, green, and blue (RGB). Initially, the computer makes educated guesses about what the given text prompt intends, and it repeats this process until it accurately interprets the prompt’s intent.

The program is provided with variables to consider, helping it identify the metrics that will lead to the generation of an appropriate image. As these algorithms cross the training data, they look out for variables that improve their results, and in doing so, they construct a multi-dimensional space with all the relevant data points.

This multi-dimensional space then evaluates all dimensions and determines the most suitable output within this complex framework. The more descriptive the prompts are, the more dimensions are required to generate the most optimal output.

Which is the Best AI Art Generator For You?

With so many AI art generators available, it can be challenging to figure out where to begin. To make the right choice, it’s important to consider the features offered by these AI art generators.

Look for ones that provide different artistic styles, adjustable settings, and advanced rendering techniques. Also, consider your specific goals when choosing an AI art tool that allows you to turn your creative ideas into reality.

For instance, if you’re an expert at using AI art generators, you could consider something like Midjourney or Stable Diffusion, which consistently delivers high-quality results you can rely on. However, if you’re simply looking to create some AI images for fun, Craiyon or Bing Image Creator could be an excellent choice since it’s free and offers unlimited use.

No matter what you choose, keep in mind that as of today, AI art generators aren’t perfect and don’t always interpret prompts with 100% accuracy. Using the same prompt with the same AI image generator can produce different results each time. Sometimes the results may closely align with your description, while at other times, they may deviate quite a lot from your intent.

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