Études and Palais de Tokyo: Celebrating the Intersection of Street Art and High Fashion

In an unprecedented celebration of street culture and contemporary art, Études is thrilled to announce its groundbreaking partnership with the Palais de Tokyo. This collaboration, a testament to both entities’ dedication to the electrifying vibrancy of street art, culminates in the exhibition “La morsure des termites,” curated by the esteemed Hugo Vitrani. Prepare to immerse yourself in a visual spectacle that blurs the boundaries between the underground and the mainstream.

Capturing the Essence: Limited-Edition T-shirt featuring ‘Buff I, Paris (2007)’ by Ari Marcopoulos for Études’ collaboration with Palais de Tokyo.

Exhibition Overview: “La morsure des termites”

Embarking on a transformative journey from October 19, 2023, to January 7, 2024, “La morsure des termites” promises an ambitious convergence of over fifty international artists. This comprehensive exhibition ventures deep into art history’s corridors, offering a fresh perspective through graffiti’s colorful and rebellious lens. It’s a world where street art isn’t just a subculture but a profound force that shapes artistic narratives across diverse genres.

A Mending of Artistic Expressions

Step into the Palais de Tokyo and find yourself enveloped in a realm of artistic plurality. From paintings and archives to installations and videos, each piece serves as a waypoint in an expansive journey of cultural exploration. This multifaceted showcase, drawing from various prestigious collections, weaves a story of artistic defiance, playful creativity, and exploratory wanderlust. It’s more than an exhibition; it’s an emotional and sensory odyssey.

Études’ Artistic Tribute to Graffiti

Echoing the raw energy of urban landscapes, Études’ commitment to this project mirrors its deep-rooted respect for alternative art forms, a sentiment borne from its founders’ graffiti-infused pasts. This connection materializes in the AW23.24 collection, CENTRE-VILLE, where fashion pays homage to the ephemeral art of graffiti, transforming fleeting street memories into wearable narratives.

Limited Edition: Art Meets Fashion

In a fusion of art and fashion, Études joins forces with iconic New York photographer Ari Marcopoulos, translating his visual storytelling into a tangible memento. The exclusive T-shirt, adorned with Marcopoulos’s captivating “Buff I, Paris (2007),” is more than a garment; it’s a piece of history, limited to 100 copies and awaiting discovery at the Palais de Tokyo.

In Their Own Words: Perspectives on the Collaboration

Aurélien, Creative Director and co-founder of Études, reflects on this initiative: “Our dialogue with Hugo Vitrani was the spark that ignited our collective imagination, driving us to embrace ‘La morsure des termites.’ We found our ethos mirrored in the exhibit’s thematic richness, artistic selection, and graffiti’s storytelling power. It’s a partnership that epitomizes Études’ multifaceted engagement with contemporary creativity.”

Hugo Vitrani, curator, adds, “Études, with its intrinsic connection to graffiti’s spirit, emerged as the quintessential partner for this endeavor. The exhibition, while not centered on fashion, acknowledges graffiti’s nuanced presence in diverse artistic expressions. Études’ support amplifies this interconnected universe of creativity we’re building.”

A New Chapter in Artistic Synergy

This exhibition signifies a momentous occasion in the artistic world, marking graffiti’s enduring influence on contemporary creative disciplines. As you traverse this curated space, each artwork is a tribute to the relentless innovation and spirited insubordination inherent in urban expression.

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