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In a quiet studio resonating with the soft clicks of a camera shutter, we met with Nicolas, a photographer whose journey has led him to the heart of the burgeoning NFT artistry. With a serene smile and eyes that tell tales of myriad captured moments, he walked us through his artistic evolution, his tryst with NFTs, and the boundless prospects of digital artistry.

Nicolas, thank you for joining us today. Let’s start by delving into your background. Can you share how your early exposure to photography and your years of apprenticeship with photography masters shaped your artistic journey and led you to the world of NFTs and digital art?

Nicolas: Certainly, it’s a pleasure to be here. My upbringing was steeped in photography, thanks to my mother’s passion for the art form. Growing up surrounded by the works of iconic photographers like HERB RITZ, PETER LINDBERGH, HELMUT NEWTON, and JEANLOU SIEFF had a profound impact on me. I left for Paris at a young age and learned the ropes as an assistant to greats like CLAUS WICKRATH, PETER LINDBERG, and JEAN DANIEL LORIEUX.

This apprenticeship provided a solid foundation for my career in photography, and I ventured into collaborations with major fashion brands. My work has always straddled the line between fashion and art. It wasn’t until I discovered digital art and NFTs through a friend three years ago that I realized the transformative potential of sharing my art with a global audience. The democratization of art through digital ownership fascinated me.

Blue Shower

Your journey is truly remarkable. Can you elaborate on how you blend the concept of photography, which captures a moment in time, with NFTs, which immortalize digital moments? What intrigues you about this intersection of traditional and digital art forms?

Nicolas: Photography’s essence lies in capturing moments, freezing them in time. NFTs, on the other hand, take these digital moments and immortalize them through blockchain technology. This dynamic fusion is particularly intriguing because it adds a layer of permanence to something inherently fleeting. The notion of digital property contracts in the NFT space opens up exciting possibilities for artists like me to bridge the gap between the tangible and the digital, creating a new dimension for art to thrive.


Your art is known for themes of femininity, fashion, cinema, and glamour. Could you tell us more about the emotions and messages you aim to convey through your work in the NFT space?

Nicolas: Absolutely. My art is a celebration of joy and pleasure in a vibrant and colorful universe. I aim to evoke these emotions in viewers as they engage with my creations. Whether it’s through the lens of femininity, the allure of fashion, the magic of cinema, or the timeless glamour, I want people to experience a sense of delight and happiness when they interact with my art.

The NFT space has undeniably revolutionized the art world. What aspects of this transformation do you find most intriguing, and how do you see it shaping the future of art and creativity?

Nicolas: The NFT space is brimming with artistic innovation and energy. What captivates me the most is the sheer diversity of creative projects that are flourishing within it. While there are challenges, such as questions about conservation and image quality, the ability for anyone with internet access to instantly acquire art is nothing short of incredible.

This transformation extends beyond art; it’s a societal shift. The integration of blockchain and NFTs is becoming an art form in itself, and for photography, it opens doors to innovative mediums like Ionnyk, which can link NFTs to physical images. The potential for artists and creators is boundless.

Speaking of challenges, have there been any specific obstacles or limitations you’ve encountered within the NFT space, and how did you overcome them?

Nicolas: Certainly. One of the initial hurdles was defining the right balance between screen quality and physical copy quality for my photos. Achieving this equilibrium required extensive testing and experimentation. It’s a testament to the evolving nature of the NFT space, where artists and creators must adapt and find solutions to meet the demands of the digital art world.

How do you envision the future of NFTs and digital art, especially as they intersect with photography and other creative mediums?

Nicolas: The future is extraordinarily promising. NFTs and digital art are poised to impact society across various sectors. The interaction between artists, collectors, and audiences through blockchain functionalities will evolve into an art form itself. In the realm of photography, innovative mediums like Ionnyk, which allow for the movement of pigments on photo paper while linking to NFTs, present incredible possibilities. We’re witnessing a revolution that transcends the traditional boundaries of art and creativity.

Can you walk us through your creative process, from the initial idea to the final minting of an NFT?

Nicolas: My creative process is deeply rooted in artistry. I’m guided by instinct and vision, much like a film director. I constantly have a multitude of artistic ideas in mind, and I work diligently to bring them to fruition. Emotions play a significant role in shaping my work, and I strive to convey these emotions through my images and projects.

How do you select the photographs that become NFTs? Is there a specific criteria or emotional resonance you look for when making this decision?

Nicolas: The photographs that ultimately become NFTs are those that possess a unique blend of artistry and iconic value. They must align with the overarching goal of spreading joy and delight through my art. Each selected image contributes to the larger narrative of my creative journey.

On a personal note, what is the most rewarding aspect for you when creating and selling NFT art?

Nicolas: The most rewarding aspect is the opportunity to introduce my art to a new audience that extends beyond the traditional art market. The prospect of reaching individuals who may not have had access to my work otherwise is immensely gratifying. It’s about expanding the boundaries of creativity and sharing the joy that art brings.

The NFT community has been growing rapidly. Can you share a memorable interaction or experience you’ve had within this space?

Nicolas: Over the past three years, I’ve had the privilege of meeting numerous remarkable individuals within the NFT community. From collectors and builders to friends, they’ve all played a vital role in my journey. Some notable names include @Giga_Chad_Pepe, @LordTruffington, @sendr0ck, and many others. What’s truly incredible is the sense of camaraderie and mutual support that pervades this community. We’re all pushing each other to new heights, and it’s a dynamic and inspiring environment to be a part of.

In conclusion, how would you summarize your thoughts on the current state of the art world, driven by technology, blockchain, and NFTs?

Nicolas: We are living through a revolution as powerful as the advent of the internet, with AI, blockchain, and digital photography transforming the landscape of creativity. As an artist, I’m excited and grateful to be part of this journey, exploring new frontiers of artistic possibility.

TLDR: Nicolas, a photographer and digital artist, discusses his journey from traditional photography to the world of NFTs. He blends the concepts of capturing moments in time with immortalizing them through NFTs, aiming to convey joy and pleasure in his art. Nicolas sees the NFT space as an exciting artistic frontier with potential for societal impact. Challenges like photo definition have been overcome, and innovative mediums like Ionnyk hold promise. His creative process is instinct-driven, focusing on conveying emotions. The most rewarding aspect is reaching a new audience, and memorable interactions have fueled his journey. Nicolas is excited to explore the creative possibilities of AI, blockchain, and digital photography.

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