Introducing Damex App: Bridging Fitness and Finance through NFTs and Cryptocurrency

Introducing Damex App: Bridging Fitness and Finance through NFTs and Cryptocurrency

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October 10, 2023 1:00 PM EDT

Singapore, Oct. 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — What is The Damex App and What problem does it solve?

The Damex app is a smart finance application that aims to incentivize individuals to live a healthier lifestyle and earn financial rewards through the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and their native cryptocurrency token, Damex Token. The inspiration for the application came during the Covid-19 lockdowns of 2021/22, where millions of people around the world suffered physically and mentally from the restrictions. The application seeks to support individuals in living a healthier life, educating them about cryptocurrency, promoting sustainability, and helping the environment by incentivizing people to walk more.

The fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and Damex aims to penetrate this market by gamifying the digital asset finance application experience. By using NFTs and their native token, the application offers unique incentives to individuals to engage in healthy activities, which can result in financial rewards. The Damex app is also aims to promote the use of cryptocurrency in everyday life and educate individuals and businesses about its benefits.

Overall, The Damex App addresses the problem of incentivizing individuals to live a healthier lifestyle while also promoting the use of cryptocurrency in everyday life.

Damex Token Overview

  1. Token Name: Damex Token
  2. Token Symbol: DAMEX
  3. Total Supply:   370,000,000 DAMEX
  4. Circulation Supply: 1,000,000 Listing 

  1. Trading Pair: /USDT
  2. Deposit time:2023/04/30 21:00(UTC+8)
  3. Trade time:2023/04/27 21:00(UTC+8)
  4. Withdrawal time:2023/04/30 21:00(UTC+8)

What are the utilities of tokens?  The Damex Token has multiple utilities within the Damex ecosystem. Here are some of the main utilities:

  1. Incentivizing and rewarding users: The token is used to incentivize and reward users for completing challenges and tasks within the Damex app. Holding Damex Token tokens also unlocks access to premium features and benefits.
  2. Governance and voting: The Damex token holders have the ability to participate in governance and voting on key features such as token listings, app features, and more.
  3. Zero exchange fees: Users who stake 5,000 Damex Tokens can enjoy zero exchange fees on the Damex platform.
  4. Access to premium membership: Holding Damex Tokens also unlocks access to Damex Premium Membership, which includes benefits such as more cashback, early access to new features, and more.

Overall, the Damex Token is designed to be a versatile utility token that incentivizes user participation and provides access to premium features within the Damex ecosystem.

Which part does the project ecosystem include?  The Damex Token project ecosystem includes the Damex Token, which is the native app utility token that will be used to incentivize and reward users, providing them access to governance and voting on key features such as token listing and app features. The token economics include a total supply of 370 million, with a breakdown of 50 million for the team/human resources, 80 million for the token sale, 80 million for partnerships, consultants, and shareholders, and 160 million for liquidity, rewards, and customer acquisition. The token sale structure includes private sales with different investment levels, token sale prices, and vesting periods. There is also a public sale with a maximum investment of 19K and a token sale price with no vesting period. The use of funds includes ecosystem liquidity/customer acquisition, legal and products, marketing, and human resources. The project aims to acquire a minimum of 4 million users in the next 36-48 months, with 40,000 premium users staking 5,000 Damex Token each, equivalent to 200 million tokens or 66% of the total circulating supply. The core Damex Token will be created on Ethereum and then bridged to Solana, BSC, and others. The Damex app step goals include a buyback program, quarterly financial statements, voting and governance, and in-app utility such as staking and premium subscription benefits.

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