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Acclaimed yacht designer and naval architect launches pioneering digital artifact collection

VANCOUVER, CANADA, October 25, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — World renowned yacht designer & naval architect Ivan Erdevicki unveils his groundbreaking Digital Artifact Collection, a unique and innovative collection of digital artworks inspired by 30 years of his traditional yacht designs to be forever inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain. The collection transcends the boundaries of art and technology, cementing its legacy as a watershed moment in digital art history.

In an exciting collaboration between ER Yacht Design and Bmeta Digital Development Company, CEO Erdevicki brings his signature style and vision to life, forging a new path in luxury digital art. Each masterpiece in the collection ushers in a new era of digital creativity.

Erdevicki’s yacht collection is the first to be permanently inscribed onto the Bitcoin blockchain using the Ordinals Standard, a new emerging technology. This makes it a landmark moment in the digital art world, and it is sure to inspire other designers to follow suit.

Ordinals are revolutionizing the way we collect and experience art. “I am thrilled to be launching my digital artifact collection on the Bitcoin blockchain via Ordinals. The Bitcoin blockchain provides a secure and decentralized platform for my collection, ensuring that they are preserved and accessible to everyone for generations to come” stated Erdevicki.

Erdevicki expresses gratitude for the chance to collaborate with Bmeta on this groundbreaking project, praising Bmeta’s leadership in the Web 3.0 space and expressing confidence in their ability to help him bring his digital artifact collection to a global audience.

Andres Timor, COO of Bmeta said, “Working closely with Ivan throughout 2023, we are committed to creating digital masterpieces that offer collectors unparalleled real-world utility, value, and opulence, setting a new standard for fine digital art. With Ordinals, we can now immortalize these digital artifacts on the Bitcoin blockchain, ensuring their perpetual place in history.”

To further enhance the collection’s prestige, Bmeta’s developers have inscribed these Ordinals onto rare satoshis, endowing them with undeniable intrinsic value.

“Ivan Erdevicki’s digital artifacts are the perfect embodiment of this vision, and his collection is a testament to his creativity and innovation” stated Timor. Excited to collaborate with Erdevicki on the launch of this revolutionary collection, “we are confident that it will be highly sought-after by collectors and enthusiasts alike.” – says Andres.

‘The Bmeta Yacht Guild’, Ivan Erdevick’s master collection of 256 digital yachts will be on the auction block before the end of 2023.

Erdevicki’s digital yacht collection auction will be unveiled soon. Stay tuned for an announcement with the specific date and time.

To learn more about Ordinals and register to bid, please visit https://magiceden.io/ordinals

About Ivan Erdevicki & ER Yacht Design

Ivan Erdevicki an award winning yacht designer has over two decades of experience. A designer obsessed with perfection, has spent his career crafting yachts that embody the elusive balance of form and function. His relentless pursuit of the perfect yacht, though seemingly unattainable, is driven by his unique vision and passion for design. Erdevicki’s designs are a one-of-a-kind glimpse into his inner world, and they speak to yours.

Ivan and his team of naval architects are renowned for their exquisite, innovative, and unique exterior and interior designs. With their rare blend of artistry and engineering expertise, they have successfully designed over 200 yachts since 1999. Their vast experience, unparalleled knowledge, and unwavering passion ensure that clients receive the most professional and comprehensive yacht design service available.


About Bmeta Digital Development Company

Bmeta, a pioneer in the Metaverse revolution, leverages blockchain technology to bridge real-world businesses and the digital space; empowering creators, entrepreneurs, and users with innovative tools that unlock remarkable utility for its collections.

Bmeta produces digital collectibles that transcend traditional ownership, exemplified by its meticulously crafted Meta-Yachts, which bestow collectors with rare and unique digital assets infused with cutting-edge utilities. Bmeta seamlessly blends the metaverse and reality to create a world of opportunity, fostering a vibrant community where passion, creativity, and luxury converge.


A Collaboration at the Forefront of Digital Luxury

Renowned luxury yacht designer Ivan Erdevicki and digital development company Bmeta have partnered to launch the Bmeta Yacht Guild, a groundbreaking collection of unique and innovative digital artworks that merges the worlds of digital art, Web3, and luxury yacht design.

Inspired by Erdevicki’s iconic yacht designs, each piece in the collection is a secure and permanent digital artwork minted on Bitcoin Ordinals, embodying the duo’s shared vision for the future of digital collectibles.

The Bmeta Yacht Guild collection is poised to become a coveted addition to any collection and a valuable asset in the burgeoning realm of digital luxury.

About Bitcoin Ordinals

Bitcoin Ordinals is a revolutionary protocol that lets users permanently inscribe digital content onto the Bitcoin blockchain. This gives collectors a secure, decentralized way to store and share digital content forever.

Ordinals is a groundbreaking innovation that is changing the way we interact with the digital world, transforming how we preserve and share digital content. This amazing technology opens a world of endless possibilities.

Erdevicki’s digital yacht collection auction will be unveiled soon. Stay tuned for an announcement with the specific date and time.

To learn more about Ordinals and register to bid, please visit https://magiceden.io/ordinals

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Bmeta Digital Development Company
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The Bmeta Yacht Guild – Overview Video

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