Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Graffiti Trouble

Graffiti Trouble is an optional Mission taken from the FNSM App Requests in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. This Mission is exclusive to Miles. As part of our Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 guide, we’re going to reveal everything you need to know about Graffiti Trouble.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Graffiti Trouble

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Graffiti Trouble Guide 7


Miles has been called to help clean up some graffiti in Little Odessa, so swing over there to see what’s up. The flower shopkeeper reveals the graffiti has actually been painted over, by none other than Miles’ friend Hailey. She’ll appear and you’ll get to play as Hailey in a flashback sequence. Approach the flower stand across the street, then talk to the shopkeeper in the back. It’s unclear what he says to her, but approach the graffiti to start painting.

Follow the on-screen prompts to start spray painting, refilling your bottle and changing out the colours when needed. You’re then prompted to paint over another piece of graffiti. After doing so, you’ll actually see the person leaving the graffiti. To get to the roof, you’ll first need to cross the wooden plank — it’ll break on you but you can just climb out of the pit — and then get the Spider-Man doll down for the cat. Squeeze Through the gap, pet the cat, then climb onto the scaffolding to find a lift.

It actually takes you back down, but return to where you were on the scaffolding and the lift’s roof will have created a path you can cross. Shimmy across the wooden plank, then press the button on the control panel to lower a second lift. Step on the lift’s roof, then throw a rock at the control panel to raise it to the roof. Approach the tagger and talk to them, then paint something together. After the conversation, the game will return to the present and the Mission is complete.

Objective Log

  • Investigate report of graffiti
  • Buy flowers
  • Investigate the graffiti
  • Paint over the other graffiti
  • Find a way to the roof
  • Confront the tagger

Did you find our walkthrough of Graffiti Trouble useful? For more information on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, including All Missions, check out our Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 guide through the link.

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