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In a remarkable fusion of vintage digital art and contemporary technology, the “Pixel Pioneer” collection showcases five distinct artworks by the renowned street artist, Keith Haring. Created in 1987, these pieces were not crafted with Haring’s typical brush or chalk but were instead digitally rendered using an Amiga computer.

Discovery and Preservation:

The digital art realm of the late 1980s remains a fascinating yet obscure chapter in art history. Haring’s creations from this period were long forgotten until their rediscovery by the New York Public Library in the 2010s. Recognizing the historical significance of these works, a meticulous process of recovery and digital preservation was undertaken. This endeavor ensured that the vibrant pixels and dynamic designs of Haring’s digital artwork were retained in their original glory.

On-Chain Archiving:

In collaboration with NFT Culture Labs, both the modernized renditions and the original source works were fully archived on the Ethereum blockchain. The NFT contract, metadata, and artwork were each assigned their respective Ethereum addresses, allowing for complete transparency and traceability of each piece.

Auction and Global Display:

The revived digital masterpieces found a new home in the modern age, with their auctioning managed by the esteemed Christie’s auction house. The pieces not only commanded a digital presence but also graced the physical spaces of Christie’s galleries worldwide, allowing art enthusiasts globally to witness the blend of Haring’s iconic style with digital media.

In terms of financial success, the project witnessed a gross revenue of approximately $1.5 million, underscoring the significant value and appreciation of Haring’s work in the digital art space.

“Pixel Pioneer” stands testament to Keith Haring’s innovative spirit and vision, proving that true artistry can transcend mediums and eras. The collaboration between the discovery team, NFT Culture Labs, and Christie’s auction house has ensured that these unique pieces of digital art history are not only preserved for future generations but also celebrated in the modern NFT landscape.

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