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In a deeply contemplative move, digital artist Murat Pak recently released an NFT artwork named #404. This NFT isn’t just an artistic statement on the theme of absence; it also serves as a tribute to the memory of Alotta Money, a figure deeply revered in the NFT community. Created in partnership with’s cutting-edge modular technology, #404 has captivated art enthusiasts and collectors alike, not for what it shows, but for the profound emptiness it embodies.

Defying Conventional NFT Standards with #404

An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) usually comes with metadata—information that provides details about the digital asset. However, #404 is an anomaly. It deliberately lacks a title, description, and any form of media. The smart contract for this unique piece was custom-built using’s technology and is engineered to disrupt the usual metadata protocols.

The Profound Message of Absence and Memory

Why would an artist create an NFT that ostensibly appears ‘broken’? According to Murat Pak, the void represented by this artwork is a poignant statement about those we’ve lost, including Alotta Money, and who are now “not found” in our lives. In an era where our existence is increasingly digitized, this artwork offers a tangible representation of an intangible absence. When interacted with, the smart contract returns a hauntingly simple message: “In memory of the absent.”

Solidifying Uniqueness through Blockchain

The Token ID 404 is not just a random number; it’s a nod to the HTTP status code for “Not Found,” reinforcing the artwork’s central theme of absence and loss.’s modular technology allowed Murat Pak to deploy the contract using his own wallet, thus preserving his unique artistic signature and ensuring the work’s proof of authenticity on the blockchain.

High-Value Acquisition and Platform Empowerment

This exceptional artwork was auctioned at Trevor Jones Art’s #CastleParty2023 event and was acquired by the iconic NFT collector and entrepreneur, WhaleSharkETH, for a staggering 48 ETH (~$78,300). This sale not only emphasizes the growing valuation and legitimacy of NFTs as an art form but also highlights the role of platforms like in democratizing the digital art space.

Looking Forward: Bending the Medium

For those intrigued by the limitless potential of NFTs and the technology that makes them possible, is currently open for early access registration. As Murat Pak aptly stated, “We need to bend the medium to our will,” and platforms like Buildtree are emerging as the enablers for this kind of artistic innovation.



Murat Pak has created a unique NFT called #404, which serves as an artistic statement on absence. Built using’s modular technology, the artwork deliberately lacks metadata and is designed to make the intangible void of absence tangible in the digital world. The artwork was auctioned for 48 ETH and was acquired by WhaleSharkETH.

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