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Disclosure: Mal of NFTCulture minted and is a participant in The Seeker Project.

In the digital art sphere, The Seeker is more than just an art collection. It epitomizes the spirit of innovation and pioneering that has become synonymous with artists exploring the limitless boundaries of the NFT space. Emerging from the groundbreaking ‘Collectors Choice’ contract by Transient Labs, The Seeker invites a profound interaction between the art and its collector, offering an evolving canvas of archetypes and thematic explorations.

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Trailblazing with ‘Collectors Choice’

The ‘Collectors Choice’ contract is a marvel in itself, allowing the NFT holder to not only possess but also switch between various prototype-archetypes at will. As if this wasn’t revolutionary enough, the contract has been designed to be dynamic, with new pieces added even after the minting process. This brings a new meaning to the term “living art,” where your collection evolves over time, keeping you perpetually engaged.

Whether you resonate with the emotional depth of The Lover, the insightful wisdom of The Seer, or the anonymity of ANON, The Seeker offers an archetype for everyone. These are not mere digital images but symbols of the multi-faceted identities that exist in the crypto community. You could be The Burner, sending work into the eternal flames, or Diamond Hands, hodling your assets for the long term. The choice is yours, and it is as fluid as the blockchain itself.

The Philosophical Underpinning

The Seeker echoes the thoughts of thinkers like Olga Shpilko, who spoke about the human visual apparatus evolving over the centuries. The Seeker’s art collection challenges us to look at the world as an integrated whole, breaking down the divide between the focused perspectives of the past and the holistic vision of the future.

The Artist’s Journey: From Cyberpunk to Postmodernism

The artist’s own journey is a testament to the ever-changing nature of digital culture. Growing up in the age of Commodore64 and Amiga BBS, the artist saw the internet evolve from a chaotic frontier into a rich ecosystem of creativity. This journey is reflected in the art, capturing elements from ASCII art, Ancient Greek mythology, and cyberpunk culture, culminating in a postmodernist masterpiece.

The Seeker goes beyond traditional collage methods, employing what the artist calls ‘hypercollage’. This approach involves the intricate layering of diverse multimedia elements—from 3D modeling and scans from old books to retouching and digital repainting. The final result is not just a collage but a living, breathing entity that is as dynamic as the blockchain it lives on.

The Final Output: A Living Canvas

The art pieces are animated in a minimalist style inspired by 80s/90s video games, capturing each frame on rare analogue Trinitron CRT monitors. This process imparts a unique spectral quality to the art, making each piece a shimmering, dynamic entity that feels almost alive.

The collection contains a cryptic element: The Medusa. This enigmatic figure serves as a warning, a reminder of the ever-changing, unpredictable nature of the digital art landscape. It adds a layer of mystique to the collection, keeping collectors on their toes.


The Seeker is a groundbreaking NFT art collection that employs the innovative ‘Collectors Choice’ contract to offer a dynamic, living canvas to collectors. It invites viewers to explore various archetypes and philosophies, all while pushing the boundaries of what digital art can be. With its unique technique of ‘hypercollage’ and dynamic animations, The Seeker is a pioneer in the NFT space, embodying the limitless possibilities of blockchain technology.

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