The Untold Relationship Between Comic Books And Casinos

Over the last century, comics have become a much-loved source of entertainment around the world. Characters, first developed for comic books, comic strips and graphic novels, have been adapted for the big screen and become household names.

Some comics have been running for decades, such as Charles M. Schulz series Peanut that began in the 1950s and sold more than 370 million copies. Other single-issue comics have achieved great reach, those themed around superheroes have been particularly popular.

For example, Captain Marvel Adventures had a distribution of 1.3 million copies a month in 1945 at newsstands. In the 90s, Marvel: X-Men #1 was another big comic book hit and boasted five different cover releases. It was reported to have sold 8,186,500 copies and can still be found on online resale marketplaces.

Many comic book fans are also avid gamers, they enjoy the characters, storylines and vibrant graphics that these games have. One popular type is casino titles, these are well known as being fun, accessible and immersive games.

While casino games are traditionally played at the casino, in the last couple of decades the online casino industry has boomed. Part of the appeal of online gaming is the amount of promotions and bonuses offered as incentives to new and returning customers, these can be found through BonusFinder New Zealand.

Technology has made both comics and casino games widely accessible, you can now enjoy both from your smartphone, tablet or computer. These two industries have intertwined and play on each other’s popularity with their audiences.

Comics featuring casino scenes and gambling references.

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Fans of the DC Batman comics will be familiar with the Penguin floating casino. The super villain Penguin holds the casino as a meeting place with other villains, it is a common meeting place for criminals to congregate to plan out their next heist while enjoying games.

Throughout the series Penguin and the hero Batman have numerous encounters at the floating casino.

Another well-known casino from DC Comics is Roulette’s ‘The House’ casino. Roulette is a very talented villain who is capable of calculating odds and uses his abilities to place bets on fights between superheroes. 

A DC character also famous for his gambling abilities is Two Face, he has a coin that is a key part of his villainous decision making. Two Face bases his actions on the result of a coin flip, his reliance on chance makes him an unpredictable and thrilling character.

In Marvel, the character Gambit is incredibly skilled at poker. He is also a mutant with the ability to turn a deck of cards into a deadly weapon at a moment’s notice.

The city best associated with the casino lifestyle, Las Vegas, is also a feature in many comics. Characters such as Blackheart and Captain Paiute are connected to the city and its gambling culture. 

Casino games featuring comic book characters.

There are casino games such as online slots that are themed around comic book series and characters. DC Comic slots are particularly popular with games including superheroes and references from The Dark Knight Rises, Justice League, Man of Steel , Green Lantern, Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman. 

These games will feature characters and important objects as symbols, make reference to significant places and use the soundtracks from comic book films to create the experience. For comic fans, these casino games are just another way to immerse themselves in a fictional world and enjoy their favourite characters. 

Each slot game is unique, for example The Dark Knight developed by Playtech has a RTP percentage of 95.96 percent. The highest paying symbol in the game is the notorious villain The Joker, while the Batman symbol also gives you multiple opportunities to win great prizes. The game includes three different bonus options, each of which have unique features.

Another game – Wonder Woman Gold – is developed by Bally as is based on the 1970s comic inspired television show. Even the gaudy colour scheme of this game exemplifies 70s style. 

The game has 40 paylines and features expanding wilds. If the wild lands on the central reel, then it is expanded and the Wonder Woman wild takes over the entire reel. There are free games offered as a bonus feature where you are able to select your desired combination of free spins and high paying symbols.

For loyal followers of Superman, Playtech’s Superman the Movie slot is a great choice. This game features 100 pay lines and five reels across four rows. You may be able to win big prizes on this one as it is a progressive jackpot slot, within this game there is also the option to play free ‘Save the Day’ mini games. 

Comics and Casinos are two booming industries with lots in common, combining these experiences makes perfect sense for audiences. 

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