TRON Founder Justin Sun Adds His Top-Tier Collection to Giacometti’s Le Nez Exhibition in Paris

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 10 October 2023 – On October 7, the exhibition of Giacometti’s Le Nez (The Nose), co-sponsored by TRON and APENFT Foundation, was unveiled in Paris. Justin Sun, founder of TRON and member of the HTX Global Advisory Board, graced the occasion with his edition of the masterpiece, capturing the attention of the industry.

Justin Sun's collection unveiled in the exhibition

Justin Sun’s collection unveiled in the exhibition

This exhibition brings together, for the very first time, all editions of Le Nez by Alberto Giacometti, a Swiss surrealistic artist of immense national significance. In addition to Sun’s collection, the exhibition also encompasses three plaster editions and a virtual representation of the bronze sculpture edition, accompanied by all its drawings and archives from the Giacometti Foundation and the Center Pompidou.

Industry professionals in attendance affirmed that this exhibition showcases the profound influence of Le Nez on contemporary art in all dimensions. They also praised the timeless vigor of Giacometti, a pivotal sculptor of the 20th century. And the presence of Justin Sun, a leading light in the Web3 realm, undoubtedly made this event even more special. Meanwhile, the partnership between the Giacometti Foundation, TRON, and APENFT is a groundbreaking cooperation in the art industry that signifies the accelerated fusion between digital art and traditional art.

Offline debut of Justin Sun’s Le Nez collection puts digital art on a fast track to fame

In the exhibition, the 1964 version of Le Nez from Justin Sun’s personal collection, also one of the highlights of the event, made its debut offline for the first time. This artwork was acquired by Sun at the 2021 Sotheby’s New York Fall Auction for $78.4 million and was then donated to APENFT Foundation. Some industry insiders believe that although the artwork was previously displayed through metaverse art galleries and other similar platforms, its physical presence in this exhibition still offers a rare chance for art enthusiasts. It brings top-tier artworks closer to the general public, allowing them to closely observe this exceptional piece, appreciate its distinctive artistic allure, and find inspiration from it.

Regarding the debut of this top-tier collection, Sun expressed his immense honor in a tweet, and he eagerly anticipates the future possibilities that blockchain technology could bring to art. In a collaborative video with Douyin influencer Cai Luoli, Sun showcased this collection while giving her a tour of his “private art gallery”.

As a dedicated proponent and innovator in the realm of art, particularly digital art, Sun has attended many prominent digital art summits. He has also made substantial investments in acquiring artwork pieces from globally celebrated artists as well as esteemed digital artists. Covering works by the likes of Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Alberto Giacometti, Beeple, and Pak, his collection has topped 1 billion yuan in value. Sun also donated several famous pieces in his collection, including Femme nue couchée au collier and OCEAN FRONT, to APENFT Foundation to support the growth of digital art.

The Giacometti Foundation extolled Sun’s efforts, which it believes are a testimony to the determination of this blockchain, digital, and VR pioneer to protect physical artworks and reconcile the conflicts between the virtual and physical worlds in the course of nurturing modern artistic masterpieces and contemporary digital artworks.

TRON and APENFT co-organize the exhibition to fuel the fusion of Web3 and traditional art

TRON and APENFT, partners of this exhibition, have always been at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of digital art. With a sponsorship of $1 million, TRON will continue its partnership with the Giacometti Foundation, along with APENFT, to fund artwork research and grow relevant projects, according to official sources.

Sun once predicted that 50% of the world’s top 100 artists and artworks would be recorded as NFTs in the following decade, during which blockchain technology would build a bridge to merge traditional art and emerging technologies.

It was for this cause that APENFT came into being. Leveraging TRON’s underlying technology, APENFT is committed to catalyzing the creator economy and bridging the virtual and real worlds. It sponsored an assortment of art summits held by Christie’s New York and the likes, making itself the first-ever art foundation that collects artworks across different industries and offers a gateway for traditional art maestros to enter the NFT world.

TRON also strives to boost the uptake of blockchain technologies in the art scene. The TRC-721 standard for on-chain NFTs charges smaller amounts of transaction fees whilst processing transactions at a higher speed. Its standardized specifications and endpoints for NFT creation, issuance, and transaction also make it an ideal choice for developers and users alike. This exhibition is another landmark in TRON’s cooperation with top-notch art institutions, which marks a new model for the integration between Web3 and artworks. It unlocks a myriad of opportunities for artists and art collectors while offering more transparent options with a broader reach and enhanced security to trade and spread the art.

The opening of the Le Nez exhibition celebrates the advent of a new epoch in art, in which the marriage between digital art and traditional art heralds extraordinary art experiences unseen before. The display of Justin Sun’s collection adds more color to the event, and TRON and APENFT’s ongoing cooperation with the Giacometti Foundation will continue to energize the art sector with new possibilities.
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