Wayne Hills Bryant A.I. Launches Comic-Crafting Tool with Just a Sentence!

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Executive Summary
In an unprecedented stride in the digital arts, Waynehills announces its latest A.I. innovation; a platform that effortlessly transforms mere sentences into detailed, vibrant digital comics. Harnessing the power of its unique Large Language Model and state-of-the-art image processing technology, this platform can craft visual narratives spanning styles from sleek contemporary American to whimsical animations reminiscent of iconic animation studios. As a testament to its adaptability, the tool integrates with third-party solutions, streamlining comic creation processes and setting the stage for a seismic shift in content production. With global ambitions, partnerships with entertainment leaders, and ventures into thought-powered video creation, Waynehills is not just innovating; it’s poised to redefine the entertainment and digital arts horizon.

Comic Enthusiasts: Wayne Hills Bryant A.I., or “Waynehills”, is revolutionizing the comic world. Imagine inputting a simple text and receiving a beautifully crafted digital comic in return – that’s the power of ‘Waynehills Web Comics Platform A.I.’

Tech Lovers: Digging deeper, this platform is not just about comics. It’s a perfect blend of narrative prowess, driven by Waynehills’ own Large Language Model (LLM), and superior image generation. Whether you’re into contemporary American visuals or more traditional Japanese art, this platform can render it.

Digital Artists: Efficiency is paramount in today’s fast-paced digital art realm. With Waynehills’ A.I., not only do you get to integrate third-party tools, but the comic creation process is also exponentially sped up. It’s creativity without the wait.

Global Visionaries: While most A.I. tools stick to the basic text-to-image concept, Waynehills is going global. A single sentence can bloom into an entire web comic. And, their Text to Video (TTV) feature ensures every word can potentially dance on the screen.

Entertainment Insiders: Keep an eye out! Waynehills is about to drop a SaaS Ready Enterprise solution, allowing giants in the entertainment industry to dive into its A.I. wonder. Through astute collaborations, such as a distinguished partnership with a New York-based entrepreneur who previously sold his video startup to Apple, Waynehills is primed to make a monumental impact in the industry.

Tech Innovators: Waynehills’ collaborative efforts with entities like KakaoBrain and several Korean conglomerates point to a future where A.I. isn’t just about automation, but creation. Their latest venture, “Waynehills Neural Network A.I.”, aims to turn mere thoughts into visual content. And with patents underway, they’re securing their innovative space.

Film Buffs: Waynehills’ ‘A.I New Cinema Movie’ is not just a film; it’s a testament to what A.I. can achieve in movie production. As they set their eyes on accolades like the CES 2024 Innovation Award, their already-acclaimed track record.

About Wayne Hills Bryant A.I
An AI tech startup founded in 2019 from South Korea that offers easy video creation and automates video production for B2B and B2C customers.

Through its core technology, the company received global recognition as a CES Innovation Award honoree in 2022 and an Edison award in 2023. Also, in September 2022, Wayne Hills began listing its TTV service on Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

After raising 11 million dollars in Series A funding by 2021, the company plans to raise $20 million in Series B funding this year to establish and reinforce its global presence.

YouTube: https://bit.ly/3LEHnPJ
Instagram: https://bit.ly/3PUz70P
LinkedIn: https://bit.ly/3ttQqwL
Email: [email protected]

SOURCE Wayne Hills Bryant AI

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