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In the ever-evolving landscape of art and creativity, digital platforms have emerged as transformative tools, seamlessly blending technology and artistic expression. This collection of art apps and resources, all available on the App Store and Google Store, represents a diverse spectrum of platforms, each offering a unique lens through which to explore, create, and engage with the world of art. These apps redefine how we connect with art and culture, fostering a sense of community, exploration and accessibility among users. Whether you are a creator, student, collector, curator, or art enthusiast, you will surely find an app on this list that corresponds to your interest. Join us on this exploration of art apps and resources of innovation, creativity, and connection,shaping the future of art and culture.

Are.na is an online social networking community and creative research platform, cultivating conscious internet browsing. It is a space for assembling ideas and visions, as described by its founder, a space for creating “playlists, but for ideas” and a “toolkit for assembling new worlds”. This innovative platform allows users to collect and categorise various content ‘blocks,’ including uploaded and web-clipped materials, into thematic ‘channels.’ What makes Are.na unique is its collaborative nature, allowing users to invite others to participate  and contribute to their channels, transforming it into an ideal resource for group initiatives and creative partnerships. The platform cultivates a sense of community through its emphasis on privacy controls, browser integrations, a minimalist interface, and user participation. 

Smartify is an innovative mobile app which transforms the manner in which we can engage with artworks during museum and gallery visits by blending technology and art appreciation into a new dimension of experiencing art, connecting people to arts and culture using technology as a tool of engagement, enhancing the physical experience of art. The app allows its users to effortlessly identify artworks through their phone camera, providing extensive information about the artwork, details about the artist, historical context, and more. It curates a selective guided tour of your museum or gallery of choice, enhancing and personalising the experience. The app deepens its users’ connection and knowledge of art while also making it more accessible to all users, whether they are art enthusiasts or new to their journey with art. 

Artsy serves as a welcoming gateway into the vibrant realm of the art world, acting as a central hub for art enthusiasts, collectors, galleries, and artists. This platform offers a diverse array of opportunities to engage with the rich tapestry of art and culture. Users can seamlessly participate in auctions, explore exhibitions, peruse galleries, and connect with art fairs from across the globe, all within a single, convenient space. Artsy.net boasts artist profiles, an extensive range of styles, eras, and mediums, simplifying the search for artworks that align with one’s unique preferences and making the exploration an exciting journey. Additionally, it aids in refining your personal taste by allowing you to save your favourite pieces. Providing a rich and immersive experience, Artsy showcases a broad spectrum of art, from timeless masterpieces to cutting-edge contemporary creations. In essence, Artsy opens the doors to the art world, offering accessibility, enjoyment, and enlightenment to all who enter.

CANVS is a groundbreaking art app that celebrates the cultural significance  of street art. It revolutionises urban exploration with its interactive map, comprehensive artist profiles, and bookmarking capabilities for favourite murals. CANVS acts as a cultural catalyst, spotlighting artists, empowering cities, and fostering community engagement. The app’s features include the ability to follow your favourite artists, curate your mural collections. CANVS is a movement  bringing the transformative power of street art to the forefront, making it accessible and engaging for all.

The Art Newspaper app serves as a primary destination for all matters related to the world of art. It presents an abundance of content covering exhibitions, galleries, auctions, and the latest developments within the global art landscape. With this app, you can peruse articles, reviews, and features crafted by experts, ensuring you stay well-versed in the latest trends and happenings in the art realm. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, collector, curator, or just someone with a curiosity about the art world, The Art Newspaper app offers a user-friendly and efficient means of staying connected and informed.

Developed by Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Bloomberg Connects app grants free entry to curated content and guides from more than 250 global cultural institutions, including MoMA, the MET, and the Design Museum London among others. It provides behind the scenes insights, artist videos, and engaging audio content, ensuring convenient access to the world of arts and culture from any location and at any time. This app fascilitates accessibility of the arts  and consists of  practical tools for on-site visits, trip planning. Through the ability to download guides for offline use, explore content at a preferred pace and the app’s adaptable and accessible features, it is  a truly versatile platform designed to enhance your cultural and arts experiences.

Catawiki is a must-have app for art enthusiasts and collectors looking to find and sell art in a professional and accessible environment. The platform offers a gateway to a world of extraordinary and rare collectibles such as vintage watches, classic cars, rare comics or exclusive art pieces. Catawiki connects its users with curated auctions, allowing them to bid on and track their favorite items. Catawiki brings together a global community of buyers and sellers, making the exploration, purchase, and sale of exceptional items simple and approachable. 

Artsteps is a powerful platform for artists, curators, art students and art enthusiasts. The platform enables users to easily plan, design and explore 3D virtual exhibitions. Through the intuitive interface, users are able to easily design and customize their virtual gallery, curate artworks and even host online shows. Artsteps bridges physical and digital art experience, allowing individuals to explore their creativity through art display and engagement. It is a great space for the emergence and evolution of ideas.

Spotify, renowned for its expansive music library, also boasts an extensive collection of captivating podcasts that invite listeners to delve into the realms of art history, contemporary trends, and creative insights. Podcasts like ArtTactic, The Art Angle, Artintelligence, and Kitchen Conversations, among many others, provide engaging discussions and informative perspectives on the art world, enriching one’s appreciation and understanding of art. Users can easily cater to their interests by exploring podcasts related to their favorite artists, art movements, or topics they wish to delve into, seamlessly integrating these resources into their daily lives.

Khan Academy stands as a valuable source of art historical insight, catering to students and inquisitive minds alike. Its content achieves a balance between informative and approachable, offering a wealth of knowledge without overwhelming academic rigor. Whether you’re a student seeking structured learning or simply curious about the world of art, Khan Academy is  a valuable resource that enlightens and educates in an agreeable manner.

Patreon serves as a transformative platform that fosters a distinctive bond between artists and their followers. It offers a dedicated space where creators across various artistic realms, encompassing visual arts, music, and more, can establish direct connections with their supporters. On Patreon, artists unveil exclusive content, provide glimpses into their creative processes, and even curate personalized experiences for their patrons. This dynamic environment empowers artists to sustain their craft, while patrons have the unique chance to actively support and engage with the creators they hold in high regard. Patreon operates as a dynamic ecosystem, reshaping the landscape of artistic production and appreciation.

Dribbble is a community where the worlds of creativity and employment intersect. Dribbble distinguishes itself as a social networking hub tailored to digital designers. This platform serves as a nexus for creative minds to establish connections with potential employers. Dribbble goes beyond mere networking; it offers users the ability to post job listings, exhibit their design work and projects, and cultivate their unique brand identity. This dynamic environment celebrates artistic expression and acts as a catalyst for professional growth and career exploration. 

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