hiya, pal! it’s mickey mouse as fiat topolino’s new car skin by disney artist giorgio cavazzano

fiat topolino welcomes mickey mouse as electric car skin

Mickey Mouse takes center stage as Fiat transforms the iconic Disney character into the exterior design of the Fiat Topolino electric car. Designed by Disney’s own artist Giorgio Cavazzano, the electric car was unveiled on November 21st, 2023, coinciding with Fiat’s tribute to the 100th Disney Anniversary. As a special gift for Disney’s centennial celebration, Fiat also presented four additional Fiat Topolino electric cars, each designed by the Fiat Centro Stile design team and inspired by Disney Creatives.

The presentation of the five one-off Fiat Topolinos took place at Casa 500, on the fourth floor of the Pinacoteca Agnelli art institution. The event commemorated not only Disney’s 100th anniversary but also Mickey Mouse’s 95th birthday and the centenary of Lingotto in Turin, Italy. The long-standing relationship between Mickey Mouse and Fiat dates back to the 1930s, with Topolino being the Italian name for Mickey Mouse and the nickname given to the first Fiat 500. Today, it also serves as the name of the new electric quadricycle.

mickey mouse fiat topolino electric car giorgio cavazzano
Fiat Topolino designed by Disney artist Giorgio Cavazzano | images © Disney

Fiat pays tribute to disney and mickey mouse in five ways

To further celebrate Disney’s Mickey Mouse and the Fiat Topolino, an exhibition showcasing these five one-off electric cars will be organized soon at the Lingotto building’s North ramp, in collaboration with Pinacoteca Agnelli. Visitors to the shopping center will have the opportunity to stroll along the ramp and admire the Fiat Topolino one-offs as they make their way to La Pista 500.

Mickey Mouse’s bubbly personality shines through in the Fiat Topolino designed by Disney artist Giorgio Cavazzano. Clad in his signature red jumper with two yellow dots, Mickey’s cheerful image is adorned on the electric car’s skin, set against a backdrop of a sunset-hued landscape. For the other Fiat Topolino one-offs, the Fiat Centro Stile design team worked on a thematic brief, resulting in electric car skins named historical, modern, street, and abstract. The historical Fiat Topolino brings back Mickey Mouse from the graphics of the first Disney short film, Steamboat Willie.

Disney and Fiat tap into the nostalgic iconography of the beloved mouse in the film, drawing inspiration from the synchronized sound in the world of animation, as well as an exhibit at MoMA in New York. The contrast between the modern Fiat Topolino and the historical Mickey Mouse graphics creates a juxtaposition. In the latter, a texture with Mickey Mouse’s initials as a second skin imparts a sense of positive energy, with the bright-colored letter M continuously printed around the electric car. The M not only signifies the name of the Fiat Topolino, modern, but also Disney’s Mickey Mouse.

mickey mouse fiat topolino electric car giorgio cavazzano
Mickey Mouse on historical Fiat Topolino

Abstract and street graffiti electric car skins

The other Fiat Topolino one-offs transform the electric car into a modernized Disney and Mickey Mouse, starting with the abstract design. Delineated by visible divisions of luminous colors (yellow, pink, dark blue, and orange), the white-penciled drawing of Mickey Mouse is seen walking on one side of the electric car before striking a pose on the other side. A pair of psychedelic-looking glasses adds a touch of whimsy, while Mickey Mouse remains oblivious to their effect, focused instead on his pose.

Finally, Disney and Fiat envision their take on street art as the last of the Fiat Topolino one-offs turns the electric car into a graffiti canvas. References to Disney’s Mickey Mouse are still subtly present, with his jumper and fluffy shoes emerging onto the electric car’s skin. Bright swirls reminiscent of street art techniques adorn the car, paying homage to the iconic character while adding an urban twist, all the while promoting the joyful urban mobility that inspired this final work of art.

mickey mouse fiat topolino electric car giorgio cavazzano
Mickey Mouse on modern Fiat Topolino electric car

mickey mouse fiat topolino electric car giorgio cavazzano
Mickey Mouse on abstract Fiat Topolino

mickey mouse fiat topolino electric car giorgio cavazzano
Mickey Mouse on Fiat Topolino electric car

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