A New Era of Empowerment for Axie Infinity NFTs

The Sky Mavis team behind the Play-to-Earn triumph, Axie Infinity, has recently introduced “Stage 2” evolution functionality for all Axie characters. Each enhancement — uniquely designed by artist Masamu — evolves Axie NFTs the more they are played with, boosting the assets’ battle prowess and visual appeal. 

What’s more, the doors of the in-game Garuda Shrine Shop are now open, offering exciting AXP Consumables to enhance Axies’ abilities. Intriguingly, a connection between Axies, Fortune Slips, and the Garuda Shrine Shop has emerged: players can now redeem Fortune Slips at this store for a chance to win on-chain rewards. Prepare for reward potential increasing as more Axies are accumulated. 

The introduction of new power-up items called Consumables, including Cocochoco, also offers AXP boosts (the original foundation for Axie part upgrades and progression) when used on Axies . Players wishing to bolster their Axies to greater heights can also use crafting materials or sacrifice other Axies to achieve such goals. Now’s the time to eradicate other Axies from the blockchain permanently to claim the top spot. 

The Importance of Axie Upgrades

One primary purpose of these enhancements is to tackle a recurrent issue in the NFT market — over-saturation with new collections. Axie Infinity is no stranger to constantly changing and developing NFTs to introduce fresh content without expanding initial collections. Already, the market hosts over 11.9 million different Axie NFTs, with prices ranging from modest amounts to thousands of dollars.

Intriguingly, this empowerment update not only benefits Axie Infinity but expands its draw across all Axie games. All Axie games are interconnected through a unified system of experience points, crafting materials, and progression. Specifically, this is a novel concept in the NFT space, which has not been efficiently implemented up till now.

Other Exciting Advancements in the Pipeline

On top of these intriguing changes, Sky Mavis also plans to reveal a 20-page comic and an animated clip expounding on the narrative behind the Axie enhancements. In this captivating story, characters “Ema” and “Bing” embark on a mission to discover “spirit shells” — the essence of creatures in the Axie world of Lunacia. A fascinating discovery leads them to the equally intriguing Atia Temple, where Axies can level up yet again. 

In summary, the forthcoming Stage 2 evolution in Axie Infinity is innovating the gaming experience for its loyal players. Simultaneously, it exemplifies the potential of NFTs in gaming by introducing the inventive concept of evolving digital collectibles, with even more unmissable advancements in the pipeline. 

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