Guide to Optimist NFT

In this guide, we’ll talk about Optimist NFTs – special digital pictures that show who you are online. You’ll learn how to make your own, change it, and why it’s cool. Let’s find out more about these fun digital avatars!

What is Optimism?

Optimism is a nonprofit dedicated to growing the Optimism Collective, enhancing Ethereum’s scalability and values. They create software to support impactful, non-commercial projects and pledge to use all profits for public good development until achieving full decentralization. This approach positions Optimism as a key player in Ethereum’s ecosystem, focusing on sustainability and growth.

What is Optimist NFT?

Optimist NFT is a digital avatar that you can fully customize. It’s like a digital version of you that shows your personality and identity online. It’s made using special digital certificates called “attestations” and is one of the first things built on AttestationStation, a smart contract on Optimism.

Who Can Create (Mint) an Optimist NFT?

Right now, only certain people who voted in RetroPGF 2 can create their own Optimist NFT. But, starting in early 2023, hundreds of active users will be invited each month to create their own based on their activities in the Optimism Collective. Keep an eye on @OptimismFND on Twitter or check their documentation to learn how you can join in the future.

Editing and Viewing Your Optimist NFT

You can change (edit) your Optimist NFT. Just make sure to use the same device you used to create it. To see all the NFTs, you can visit their collection on OpenSea.

Optimist NFT

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How Many Can You Create and Can You Transfer Them?

You can create one Optimist NFT for each address you have, with no limit on the total number available. However, you cannot transfer your NFT to someone else.

The Artwork and Its Creator

The artwork for these NFTs was made by Cody Miles, a Tokyo-based illustrator. The theme of the artwork is about building the city of Optimism, with different sets telling parts of its story.

Using the Artwork

The images for Optimist NFTs are public domain, which means you can use them freely. You can learn more about this in the Optimist NFT & AttestationStation Terms & Conditions.


In summary, Optimist NFTs offer a unique and personal way to represent yourself in the digital world. As we move forward, these customizable avatars are not just about art; they’re about identity and community in the growing Optimism ecosystem. Keep an eye on them, as they might become even more popular in the upcoming bull market of 2024!

Learning More

To know more about the Optimism Collective and AttestationStation, you can check their developer-focused articles and documentation.

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