Pensacola Graffiti Bridge reminds trucker what happens when they hit an immovable object

The Graffiti Bridge has claimed yet another truck whose height wasn’t short enough to fit underneath the iconic bridge’s 10-foot clearance.

The latest unsuccessful attempt occurred Tuesday morning and was spotted by Chris Williams, who snapped a photo of the freshly sheared truck around 9:40 a.m.

The incident is the first crash in nearly a month, according to The Graffiti Bridge Facebook page, an independently run page that sells trademarked merchandise of the bridge and documents crashes.

A truck had the top of its trailer sheared off as it unsuccessfully attempted to pass underneath the Graffiti Bridge at 17th Ave. on Tuesday.

On Nov. 14, the page posted an image of another truck stuck underneath the bridge after attempting to drive underneath it with a caption saying, “it’s been a minute.”

Earlier this year, Pensacola Mayor D.C. Reeves announced at a press conference that he would begin the process to formally designate 17th Avenue near the bridge as a “no truck corridor,” which would mean installing signs warning drivers that no trucks would be allowed on that portion of the road, and will enable the designation to appear on GPS programs like Google Maps.

Several years ago, the city installed more signs along the road to warn drivers of the low clearance. Still, the situation is complicated by the southern portion falling under the jurisdiction of the Florida Department of Transportation while the northern side falls under the city’s jurisdiction.

Wayside Park rehabilitation:Pensacola looks to put $1.4 million into Wayside Park rehabilitation

In April, Reeves also put together a funding request from the City Council to put up overhangs above 17th Avenue that would physically warn truck drivers about the height clearance on the 17th Avenue railroad trestle.

The cost for the overhangs would run about $140,000 and was initially planned to be taken out of the city’s capital fund in its local option sales tax fund.

Those plans have since been lumped into a $1.4 million project to rehabilitate Wayside Park, including a pedestrian boardwalk along Bayou Texar underneath the trestle.

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