The Sandbox Launches NFT Marketplace on Polygon, Bringing Lower Fees to Users

The Sandbox Launches NFT Marketplace on Polygon, Bringing Lower Fees to Users

Key takeaways:

  • The Sandbox has shifted its digital marketplace for buying and selling virtual assets to the Polygon blockchain, providing lower transaction fees and an improved user experience
  • The new upgrade makes it easier for creators to mint NFTs using CATALYST tokens, allows smoother transactions, enhanced browsing features, and a more user-friendly interface
  • To celebrate the launch, The Sandbox is releasing over 100 new digital artworks created by artists in their Creator Fund program, allowing users to browse hundreds of new NFT assets

Popular virtual gaming world, Sandbox has opened its digital marketplace for buying and selling digital assets on the Polygon blockchain network.

This shift to Polygon aims to provide lower costs and improved experience for The Sandbox’s creators and users.

In a December 14th announcement, The Sandbox highlighted key positives of using Polygon, including much lower transaction fees versus the original Ethereum network. It even mentions covering up to 10 transaction fees per month for each user.

Additionally, the upgraded marketplace has also made buying, selling, and managing digital assets smoother. Some other upgrades include easier upload flows, better moderation, enhanced browsing and search, and visual upgrades to make the site more user-friendly.

Another major plus is that anyone can now use CATALYST tokens to create digital assets on the Sandbox marketplace.

Furthermore, for creators without CATALYSTs, Sandbox plans free distributions to members contributing to the platform, reporting that free CATALYST tokens were sent to all LAND owners. It clarified that more tokens will go to LAND owners who compete in upcoming activities. Also members can buy CATALYSTs on OpenSea.

The Sandbox has also confirmed that existing digital assets made originally on Ethereum will still appear for users and in the marketplace, with the potential to shift them to Polygon later on. However, unlisted “Workspace” digital assets will be converted to match the new structure.

To celebrate the Polygon marketplace’s launch, The Sandbox has announced the release of over 100 new digital artworks made by 30 of its Creator Fund artists. The collection has fantasy personalities, futuristic styles, legendary creatures, cool accessories, and more in different genres.

These pieces of artwork come from the following artists: Aikiman, Andreee3D, Beryllchen, Candyh, CarinaChen, Chimpabastian, DmArcher, Gamaccho, Gatostao, ThomasMGodric, Lindvere, LiuFogel, Loccle, LuckySheep, MetaGuma, MH8D, Momo, Sandboi, Orifather, PinkyI, Pratamacam, Reizalyn, Shiba Inu, Tak Akkiy, Talequale, Tleyna, TomGlasses, Tomosan, Tutafeh, and Voxelbunny.

The Sandbox said this new drop simply showcases some of the creativity of its supported artists. Users can find hundreds more assets from these and other Creator Fund artists by searching names or the Creator Fund tag.


With minting now open to all creators by using CATALYSTs, The Sandbox welcomes artists to use their VoxEdit software to model digital assets as NFTs and add them to the lower-cost Polygon marketplace. Also, upcoming contests also allow creators chances to win prizes.

The Sandbox says it remains dedicated to unlocking more opportunities for creators and users through integrations like Polygon. Lower creation costs and easier marketplace access aim to benefit professional artists along with hobbyists looking to take part in metaverse spaces.

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