Trump’s Desperation to Sell NFTs Has Him Ripping Up His Clothes

For the low low price of $4,653 (plus taxes and fees), you can own 47 digital Trump NFTs and exactly one physical Trump trading card. It’s the deal of the century, folks. 

On Tuesday, former President Donald Trump announced the third installment of his “Trump Digital Trading Cards” series. The cards depict the collective Republican fantasy of Buff Trump decked in various costumes and scenery. They’re cringy, they’re bizarre, they’re a total scam. 

In a video announcing the series of cards, Trump took on the tone of a low-budget Fox News infomercial hawking pillows or supplements. The former president claimed some people call his trading cards “pop art, or modern art,” and acknowledged that he wasn’t nearly as cut as they depict him to be. 

“I wish I looked as good as I do on these cards, that I can tell you, they give me muscles where — believe me — I don’t have them,” Trump said. 

The new “mugshot edition” of the trading cards features a very special deal to entice Trump supporters to fork over even more cash. If one purchases 47 digital cards (in one transaction), they will receive a limited edition physical trading card featuring a scrap of fabric from the suit Trump wore when he had his mugshot taken during his August arrest in Fulton County, Georgia. With each card priced at $99, for a 47-card total of  $4,653, it’s an absolute steal. 

In promotional materials for the series, Trump referred to his arrest-day suit as “The Most Historically Significant Artifact in United States History.” Take a hike, Abe Lincoln’s tophat! Get lost, Star-Spangled Banner! Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit? Throw it in the trash! That junk can’t hold a candle to a suit so priceless, so historically significant, it was torn into 2,024 little pieces so the former president could make some quick cash off trading cards.

Alongside a sliver of fabric, fans who purchase 47 cards will also be invited to dine with Trump at his Mar-a-Lago Palm Beach resort, where you will be gifted another limited edition NFT, as well as a commemorative hoodie. 


But wait, there’s more. 

If you’re one of the first 200 people to buy 100 digital trading cards with cryptocurrency in a single transaction (that’s almost $10,000 worth of Trump NFTs) you will receive an even-more exclusive trading card featuring a piece of Trump’s suit AND a sliver of his mugshot tie. 
It’s not the first time the man expected to secure the Republican 2024 presidential nomination has used his mugshot to make a quick buck. He’s currently selling Christmas stockings featuring his booking photo in his official campaign store

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