Ubisoft’s Innovative Move: Free Minting of ‘Warlords’ NFT Series for ‘Champions Tactics’ Game

On the 14th, Ubisoft, the renowned French game development company, revealed an innovative plan for the free minting of the NFT series called “Warlords.” This NFT series is intricately linked to the blockchain game “Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles,” currently under development by Ubisoft. The much-anticipated event for the free minting of Warlords NFTs is scheduled to take place on the 18th of December.

Ubisoft’s Foray into Blockchain Gaming:

Ubisoft’s upcoming game, “Champions Tactics,” stands as a player versus player (PVP) tactical RPG, where gamers collect legendary champions, assemble teams, and engage in strategic battles with other players. Set in the enchanting world of Grimoire, the game features seven distinct factions, including zombies, demons, and medieval knights.

Introduction to Warlords NFT Collection:

The Warlord Collection is a representation of in-game characters, allowing players to adopt pixel art-style heroes, known as Warlords, as their in-game avatars. Notably, each Warlord NFT boasts over 170 unique features, with some being exceptionally rare and sought after by players.

Two-Phase Free Minting Event:

Ubisoft has structured the free minting event in two phases. Firstly, starting from 8 pm JP time on the 18th, a private minting session will cater to users who are already registered on the permission list. Subsequently, a private minting opportunity will be extended to the general users from 4 am on the 19th. It’s crucial to note that participating in the minting process incurs an Ethereum network gas fee.

Warlords NFT Details:

The issuance limit for Warlords NFTs has been set at 8,000, and these NFTs also serve as profile photos for the players. In an added incentive, owners of Warlord NFTs will enjoy the privilege of creating five additional free NFTs featuring “Champion” characters for future in-game use. A total of 9,999 Warlords NFTs are slated for release, with 1,000 earmarked for distribution within the Oasis community. Ubisoft will retain the remaining 999 for strategic marketing and promotional purposes.

Blockchain Compatibility and Game Release Schedule:

“Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles” is strategically designed to operate on Oasis, a specialized Japanese blockchain for gaming that is Ethereum-compatible. The game is anticipated to be launched in the first half of 2024, promising an immersive gaming experience within the blockchain ecosystem.


Ubisoft’s decision to venture into the world of NFTs and blockchain gaming with the free minting of the “Warlords” collection for “Champions Tactics” showcases a pioneering approach within the gaming industry. The integration of NFTs not only adds a new dimension to in-game assets but also presents an innovative way for players to engage with the evolving landscape of blockchain technology. As the gaming community eagerly anticipates the release of “Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles,” Ubisoft’s foray into NFTs adds a unique and exciting chapter to the intersection of gaming and blockchain.

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