Surrey’s UrbanScreen: A New Beacon of Digital Art at Civic Plaza

In the heart of Surrey, a city known for its vibrant community and cultural diversity, an innovative project is underway that promises to redefine the urban landscape. The project in question is the relocation and revival of UrbanScreen, a digital-art projection system that for over a decade has illuminated the Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre with captivating, non-commercial digital artworks. In a bold move towards enhancing the city’s cultural offerings, the system is set to be reinstalled on the east wall of the City Centre library building at Surrey Civic Plaza, marking a significant milestone in the city’s ongoing efforts to revitalize its Civic Plaza through art.


Reviving a Cultural Landmark

The decision to relocate UrbanScreen to Surrey Civic Plaza was spearheaded by Surrey’s General Manager of Parks, Recreation & Culture, a move that is not only strategic but also visionary. With a substantial investment of over $1 million, the project is primarily funded through a $750,000 grant from the PacifiCan Canada Community Revitalization Fund, supplemented by additional city funds. This financial backing underscores the significant value placed on public art and culture in urban development. UrbanScreen is not just an art installation; it’s a technological marvel, featuring advanced capabilities like sensory tracking and electronic surfaces, set to be operational by late summer or early fall.

More Than Just a Screen


UrbanScreen’s history is rich with a decade of artist-led, site-specific media projects that have not only beautified the urban space but also sparked conversations and inspired other institutions with its innovative programming model. Its relocation is anticipated to inject new life into Surrey’s urban core, offering a dynamic platform for artists and becoming a focal point for community engagement. Furthermore, this initiative dovetails neatly with plans for an interactive art museum slated to open by 2025, promising to further enrich Surrey’s cultural landscape.

A Vision for the Future

The relocation of UrbanScreen is a testament to Surrey’s commitment to fostering an environment where art and technology converge to create meaningful public experiences. As the project progresses, anticipation grows among residents and artists alike, eager to see how this digital canvas will continue to inspire and engage the community. With its advanced features and prominent new location, UrbanScreen is poised to become a beacon of digital art in Surrey, symbolizing the city’s forward-looking approach to community revitalization and cultural enrichment.

As Surrey strides towards a future where public spaces are not only places of transit but also of interaction and inspiration, projects like UrbanScreen highlight the pivotal role of art in urban development. This initiative not only reflects the city’s dedication to enhancing its public spaces through cultural offerings but also sets a precedent for how cities can integrate technology and art to enrich the lives of their citizens.

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